A Facelift for StatCounter!

Hi all,

StatCounter Facelift!
We’re currently updating StatCounter – the new site will have a fresh, modern look; it will be more user-friendly and hopefully will make using StatCounter an even better experience. Our new interface will also give us flexibility to continue to improve the service we offer.

Help Please!
Internal testing of the new site has been ongoing for some time… but NOW we need YOUR HELP!

We’d love to get feedback from a really broad range of people from beginners, all the way up to advanced users.

It would also be great to hear from anyone with a blog or website, who is NOT yet using StatCounter but would like to join up.

So, if you would like to have an input into the new StatCounter design then please apply for beta access here!

Please note that while we are hoping to get as much feedback as possible, we may not be able to offer access to everyone who applies. We do, however, sincerely appreciate every single offer of assistance – StatCounter couldn’t be what it is today without the support and loyalty of you, our members.

We would also be delighted to welcome any volunteers to our Dublin office to test the new site in person. If you’re in or around Dublin over the next few weeks and you have some time to spare, then we’d love to hear from you!

Questions, comments and suggestions welcome below.

156 comments on “A Facelift for StatCounter!

  1. hmmmm, interesting as I haven’t noticied a change, and some of the posts are from 5 days ago?!??!

    NOW, the page is all garbled and fonts, margins….etc are all out of whack! I’d agree with the “ain’t broke, don’t fix it”! Too many folks think changing the look makes it better.

    I’d say pay more attention to the fact you’ve been having issues with the stat’s not working properly. I’d had to contact you too many times about that! Looking pretty isn’t where you should be focusing your efforts.

    Mikel M. Louder
    MML Photo

    1. Hi Mikel,

      We don’t understand your comment…?

      You should NOT notice any change. NO change has been made – we are providing access by invitation only to our new design.

      We have no reports of any pages being garbled or out of whack… and that is not surprising as no changes have been made! Neither are we having any problems with stats and we are certainly not sacrificing any functionality just to “look pretty”.

      If you are having a particular problem with your stats, then you should contact us directly by clicking the “support” link when logged in to your StatCounter account.

  2. Simple is always beautiful. I have been using your site for a while and I think it is smooth, easy to use and quite cool either.
    I’m not against changes, but things around and after facelifts tend to be… complicated!

  3. I just came on board here at StatCounter less than 2 months ago and I LOVE it! I’m very, very impressed and so happy with you guys! The speediness and awesome features! So easy and everything you could wish for in a great stat tracker! I’m sure it will only get better (as long as it doesn’t remotely resemble google analytics in their slooooow loading, memory eating code and lack of features! ha!) and I’m looking forward to what you have planned for us!
    Thank you for providing this great service!

  4. hi everybody
    I am already user of statcounter then I dare know how can I proceed to
    get the maps which shows places and possible IP of visitors as is shown on the home page. Thanks a lot

    1. Hi

      To get to the map, log into your Statcounter account and click on your project. The maps and other good stuff is listed on a menu to the left.

  5. I agree with Liam on “not fixing if it ain’t broken” thing, since there are so many sites who actually get worse after facelifts… But who knows 🙂

  6. Ok looking forward to your new site, so what more can stat counter offer to a site, than say google analytics. Ya for sure webalizer is pants, at least aw stats attempts to define the traffic source a little more, i guess we all start out with those server side stats before progressing on to bigger and better. I live in Dublin be happy to call in if you wish.
    Best of luck with the new platform.

  7. I have been using your site for a few years. It is generally working well but lately I have noticed that the hit numbers do not agree with webalyser.
    I have all the sites set to record every page load and yet the numbers from stat counter are often lower than that of Webalyser.

    1. Cliff – what you are seeing is correct!

      Webalizer analyzes all the traffic to your server.

      StatCounter tracks all the visits to your site.

      Your server gets A LOT MORE traffic than your site, because server traffic includes all the visits from robots, spambots, crawlers etc.

      When a robot visits your site, this is recorded in your server logs. It’s not a ‘true’ visit though since the page is not fully loaded, so it doesn’t show up on StatCounter.

      So server-side stats (e.g. Webalizer) will always appear inflated compared to online stats – but generally it is the online stats, the ‘true’ visits that people are interested in. After all, it’s these visits that might mean more sales, more sign ups etc.

  8. Although I am really pleased with Stat Counter there comes a time when in order to keep on top of the market the need for a facelift. Looking forward to the new 2010 version! I currentluy have four sites using stat counter and it provides very useful data for us. Keep up the excellent work.

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