Upgrades Just Got Better

As part of our ongoing efforts to offer you, our members, the best service we can, we are proud to announce the following improvements to our upgraded services:

In other words, anyone CURRENTLY on a 1,500 upgrade plan, will now be jumped up to 10,000 logs at NO extra cost etc etc!

While we will allocate the additional log quota to all the relevant accounts, to take full advantage of this service improvement, you MUST log in to StatCounter and assign the additional logs to your projects.

Every StatCounter member also continues to get 500 free logs with every project… and folks, for those of you on free accounts, we KNOW you’d like even more free. We’d love to give it to you! We’re constantly looking at this issue and as soon as we can make it financially viable to increase the logs for free accounts, that’s exactly what we will be doing.

Upgrades now start at $5 per month!
In response to your requests, we are also introducing a new lower cost entry level upgrade plan.

For just $5 per month ($14 per quarter or $49 per year) , you can now purchase an additional 5,000 logs for your account. Upgraded accounts allow you to track more stats on your site as well as offering daily email reports and HTTPS tracking… if you’re thinking about upgrading, don’t forget that we offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee – so if you’re not happy with the upgrade just let us know inside 14 days and we’ll refund you and return you back to a free account – no quibbles.

One Million Logs!
As a result of strong demand we are introducing a range of large log size upgrades. These upgrades have been made possible by the terrific work of our tech team who have fine-tuned our servers and architecture and converted us on to the new SC4 platform…  so for the first time ever you can now have 1,000,000 logs!

Upgrades to 200,000; 300,000; 500,000 and 1 million are now available.

Your Help Needed!
Work continues on the new and improved version of StatCounter… Thanks again to all our beta testers who are providing valuable feedback and suggestions. We are anxious, however, to hear comments and ideas from as many people as possible. So even if you’re not involved with beta testing, please consider sharing your thoughts with us.

  • How could we improve StatCounter for you?
  • What are we missing?
  • How could we make StatCounter more helpful to you?

Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Comments, questions and suggestions in relation to any of the above topics are welcome below. Thanks folks.

~~~~Your Questions Answered~~~~

How do I assign additional log quota to my projects?
Log into StatCounter, go to the My Projects page and click the “Adjust Log” link at the top of the page.

Please explain a FREE account – what do I get?
With FREE accounts, you get LIFETIME summary stats AND 500 logs for every project/website in your account. Lifetime Summary Stats mean you can monitor hits, uniques and returning visitors for your site forever, right from when you begin tracking with StatCounter. With the 500 logs, you can monitor DETAILED stats on the last 500 hits on your site e.g. keywords, referring links and visitor paths. We do NOT stop tracking after 500 hits. When your log reaches capacity, old information is overwritten by new information so that you *always* have detailed stats on the most recent 500 hits on your site.

Please explain an UPGRADED account – what do I get?
With UPGRADED accounts, you can store a larger amount of detailed stats for your site. You can buy additional log quota for your account starting from $5 per month for 5000 logs. Essentially you are renting more space on our servers and this allows you to store a longer history of stats online. If you get 5000 hits per month, then upgrading to 5000 logs will allow you to store one month of detailed stats in StatCounter. Upgraded accounts ALSO allow offer optional daily email reports, a custom banner option to allow you to brand your StatCounter account with your own logo and access to HTTPS tracking.

How do I upgrade?
Upgrading is easy! Just log in to StatCounter and click the “upgrade” link in the top navigation bar. We accept payment by credit card, paypal, bank transfer (annual payments only) and cheque/check (annual payments only).

How do I change my upgrade plan?
To CHANGE your upgrade plan, just log in to StatCounter and click the “upgrade” link in the top navigation bar – this NEW upgrade will replace your existing upgrade and means we will cancel your existing subscription and arrange any credit due.

Mathematical Semantics…
For the purposes of clarity and as a result of some comments received, please consider our improvement of the 100k upgrade to 200k.The increase is 100k i.e. 100%. (You get 100% extra free). Equally, you can say that the upgrade has been improved by a factor of 200%.(Your upgrade is now 200% better or twice as good.) The increase is 100%; the upgrade has been increased by 200% – both are equivalent.

I have just upgraded to 10,000 logs today – I thought I would get 25,000 instead – what’s wrong?
Let’s try to clear up the confusion that has arisen surrounding our service improvements…

In the past the following upgrades were available:

  • $9 per month for 1500 logs
  • $19 per month for 10,000 logs
  • $29 per month for 25,000 logs


  • $9 per month gets you 10,000 logs (8,500 more logs at NO extra cost)
  • $19 per month gets you 25,000 logs (15,000 more logs at NO extra cost)
  • $29 per month gets you 50,000 logs (25,000 more logs at NO extra cost)

If you had an upgraded account BEFORE 19 August when we announced these improvements, then we added extra logs to your account.

If you have upgraded AFTER 19 August, then you automatically go straight to the new pricing structure outlined above – no additional logs are due as you get the above great value services immediately.


  1. Thank you so much SC! My website use free version of SC, and it goes well.

    1. yeah me too they have 500 logs for free but now as the upgrade just got better, i think i should move to one of their plan 🙂 gj

  2. Fresh on here and on freebie at the mo, but definately upgradeing.Was a bit concerned about how much it would cost? boy was i amazed.
    Good work guys this is the best stat that i know of (had a few) this is tops

  3. Why oh Why does Statcounter log me out after just 5 minutes or so of non use. It is so annoying!

    1. No idea Brian! That’s not a setting we define… perhaps check your browser/antivirus configurations? Are they removing cookies after 5 mins of inactivity?

  4. Just got your email about the platform conversion, redesign, and upgrades. This is great news — thank you! You all are doing a wonderful job!

  5. I was wondering if someone has cookies set to be blocked on their browser, does it still log their visit and record their stats?

    I have to say stat counter is more accurate then GA. And gives better info on your visitors. GA is not consistent with the stats and does not work half the time.

  6. Sound a great deals for us. We might have a plan to upgrade our account soon!!

  7. Any hope for your many subscribers over at Examiner.com? The new redesign blocks javascript htmls posted after August 15. Help!

  8. This damn service just continues to get better and better! I feel I have to upgrade now after being a stinge-bag for so long and keeping with the free account. Especially as I have about 40 sites now too!

  9. Hi. Just wanted to let you know I cannot log in, I have a DB error… and my stats are not showing up on my sites. I’m sure there is an issue somewhere and I know you guys will fix it. Just letting you know. Thanks bunches!!!

    1. Connie,

      Thanks for your message… the forum is where we post service status issues.

      We’re working on this database problem and hope to have it fixed ASAP. Apologies for the inconvenience.

      (Note: the blog is not the appropriate forum for service status issues so further posts on this topic will be deleted. Thanks for your co-operation.)

  10. This details are really useful .I am trying upgrade on for one site.. will check how it goes.

  11. All your figures for percentage increase in log quotas are incorrect and inflated. For example, if a quota is increased from 100,000 to 200,000, this is an increase of 100,000 on a base of 100,000, which is 100% change (100% increase).

    1. Hi Spectator,

      Sorry – we don’t agree with you… our numbers are accurate!

      All upgrades have been increased by a minimum ratio of 200% – that’s what our %s refer to – NOT the absolute increase but rather the factor by which upgrades have been multiplied.

      YOU refer to “an increase” – we don’t! Certainly moving from 100k to 200k is an increase of 100% but it’s equally possible to say (as we do) that the upgrade has been improved by a factor/ratio of 200%.

      Regardless – we GIVE you the actual numbers involved so there can be no confusion over language semantics!

  12. I know you offer download options, but in csv format only.

    I would be interested in a feature which allows me: to download stats periodically (e.g., every day); to upload stats to a folder or a server; to have, as a result, all my stats chronologically organized (like webalizer does).

    Does such possibility already exist?

    If it doesn’t, I would be willing to pay for it.

  13. Incredibly happy with this service. Time to upgrade. I have noticed that no data appears on the statcounter when an IPad looks at my site. Is that correct?

  14. Hi,
    thanks for your generosity. I just upgraded my account with the 5k logs what is then the new log quota for this plan then? Or did I misunderstand something? Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best Regards

  15. With my online stuff which I just gave a brand new direction, I think I’m going to reconsider my free account and certainly take the upgrade into consideration. Looks quite attractive and would certainly help me optimize my sites better than now with my free account; which I’m really happy about since the very first day.

  16. Any chance you will increase the individual log entry size?

    The most annoying (and most longterm) problem with StatCounter is that long urls from the likes of google image searches are truncated by your system and no-one typically knows what keywords are being used on google image searches.

    If your database uses a fixed-length field for this then perhaps you could give each user a per-account setting that trades off individual-log-entry-size versus number-of-logs, thus the same space will be used but each user can choose to decrease the number of logged entries in favour of each one being longer. Better still would be a variable-length field so all those nice short logs make space for the extra long ones.

  17. Nice to hear about the upgrade..
    btw, if I upgrade, will the logs equally distributed to all my projects?
    One of my site gets 15,000 UV per day. What’s the best upgrade plan you suggest?

    I have like 14 projects at this time and one of them are huge. Others get like 100 UV/Day.

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