StatCounter Beta Design – what’s new?


We recently announced the public launch of the new StatCounter site which is currently undergoing beta testing.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback so far!

To assist with beta testing, we’d like to point out some of the new features which you may find useful…

(1) Visits/Pageloads Option

Easily switch between viewing pageloads and visits on the Projects page.

(2) Switch Projects

Quickly flip between projects when viewing your stats – just click the drop-down arrow beside your project name.

(3) Hourly Stats

Watch the hour-by-hour evolution of your stats.

(4) Date Range Selector

Available for all stats – just click “narrow range”. Choose your preferred date range and check the stats only for that period. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual options.

You can also compare different periods if you wish – just click “Add Comparison Period

(5) Keyword Analysis – Options

As for all stats, switch between projects when viewing Keyword Analysis.

Or change the time period being examined by clicking “narrow range”.

Or download a file of all your keywords.

(6) Wrap URLS

Check/uncheck the box to truncate and expand very long URLs.

(7) Search Engines

View the families of Search Engines sending traffic to your site.

Click on a Search Engine family to see a breakdown of the regional search engines sending traffic your way. E.g. Google breaks down to,, etc

(8) Browsers

View the families of Browsers being used by the visitors to your site.

Click on a Browser family to see a breakdown of the different browser versions. E.g. Firefox breaks down to versions 4.0, 3.6, 3.5 etc

(9) Simplified Reinstall Process

Need to reinstall your StatCounter code? No problem! Simply go to “Config” then “Reinstall Code” – we’ve even created a nifty tool which will confirm if the installation has been successful – just click the button “Check Installation“.

Please keep all your feedback coming! The single best way to comment on the new site design is via the feedback button at

If you DON’T like something in the new design, then please DO tell us!

We can only improve with the help of your constructive criticism – so don’t give up on us! Please stick with us and let us know your thoughts as the design evolves in response to your comments and suggestions.

PS: As usual at this time of year, StatCounter has made charitable donations instead of sending cards.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the very best to you all for 2011.


  1. Hi. This is a great service. Appreciate all the neat reports. Have been using now for about 2 months and I am very impressed. Is it possible to have available ability to create query’s for obtaining grand totals for hits on “Came From” statistics? Thanks again for all the hard work.

  2. I am big fan of statcounter. Date Range Selector is cool feature. Thanks for keeping basic statcounter free.

  3. The Feedback tab on the right didn’t appear for me. So I couldn’t give feedback. Probably because I have Javascript disabled. I don’t like sites that need Javascript turned on in order to function. It slows my computer down. One of the best features of old Statcounter over the other providers was that it was nice and fast, didn’t require Javascript and didn’t slow my computer down.

    The “narrow range” feature doesn’t work without Javascript either ๐Ÿ™

    1. so please have that java script turned on! Only the ‘oldies’ use computer withOUT javascript…(an it turned ON most, if not all developers anger – such as the ST team. They will not answer because they’re angry…)

  4. Wow! beta is cool…i have been using statcounter for long time and i love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Stats counter has always been a good monitoring tool, I feel this addons were really necessary for the comming year, I can just say good luck to you guys.

  6. The new stats counter site seems to be good with some easy to handle feature.. I think you guy will rock with this features.

  7. the redesign looks like it’s going to be amazing! thanks for the awesome service ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Just figured it out. Those references to go daddy seem to appear in the Dreamweaver tracker code. I’m uncertain why. I was actually looking to see if there was a specific php code and strayed into the non-standard area.

  9. Very nice improvement. Can I ask however. Has the tracker coding also been updated. Curious because I thought I saw go daddy and other links included when I tried generating replacement tracker codes today. probably just me hitting wrong buttons,,, but has the policy changed?

  10. I need help because I cannot see my statcounter on my blog. I need to figure out a way to fix the problem.

  11. Love the improvements.
    How about having totals (a summation of all # of visits to all my projects) at the bottom of the screen.

  12. The new search engine graphics and graphics in general to visualize the stats look great. One question though, what are the stripes of color referring to in the search engine images?

  13. I love the ability to switch between projects! Awesome, that is going to be soooo handy.

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  15. Please update those ugly graphs on summary pages. Those green, orange and blue ones, looks so oldy.

    All other are great !

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