StatCounter Beta Design – what’s new?


We recently announced the public launch of the new StatCounter site which is currently undergoing beta testing.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback so far!

To assist with beta testing, we’d like to point out some of the new features which you may find useful…

(1) Visits/Pageloads Option

Easily switch between viewing pageloads and visits on the Projects page.

(2) Switch Projects

Quickly flip between projects when viewing your stats – just click the drop-down arrow beside your project name.

(3) Hourly Stats

Watch the hour-by-hour evolution of your stats.

(4) Date Range Selector

Available for all stats – just click “narrow range”. Choose your preferred date range and check the stats only for that period. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual options.

You can also compare different periods if you wish – just click “Add Comparison Period

(5) Keyword Analysis – Options

As for all stats, switch between projects when viewing Keyword Analysis.

Or change the time period being examined by clicking “narrow range”.

Or download a file of all your keywords.

(6) Wrap URLS

Check/uncheck the box to truncate and expand very long URLs.

(7) Search Engines

View the families of Search Engines sending traffic to your site.

Click on a Search Engine family to see a breakdown of the regional search engines sending traffic your way. E.g. Google breaks down to,, etc

(8) Browsers

View the families of Browsers being used by the visitors to your site.

Click on a Browser family to see a breakdown of the different browser versions. E.g. Firefox breaks down to versions 4.0, 3.6, 3.5 etc

(9) Simplified Reinstall Process

Need to reinstall your StatCounter code? No problem! Simply go to “Config” then “Reinstall Code” – we’ve even created a nifty tool which will confirm if the installation has been successful – just click the button “Check Installation“.

Please keep all your feedback coming! The single best way to comment on the new site design is via the feedback button at

If you DON’T like something in the new design, then please DO tell us!

We can only improve with the help of your constructive criticism – so don’t give up on us! Please stick with us and let us know your thoughts as the design evolves in response to your comments and suggestions.

PS: As usual at this time of year, StatCounter has made charitable donations instead of sending cards.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the very best to you all for 2011.


  1. Great man! cool upcoming new features, personally i liked second, sixth and seventh features very useful! cheers~~

  2. I am new at this and don’t know if this can be done.. I have two projects. Can I look at the came from on only one day, one project, one day?

    I have new ads in different places and I want to know if they are working.

  3. The new statcounter looks good…but I have a question: Why are the stats SO much lower than what my actual site shows? I’m still keeping statcounter mainly for the purpose of getting more details as to where my visitors are from but the difference in numbers is…amazingly lower than the real thing.
    Is there any reason for that or is there any way to correct this?

    Thank you!

  4. Wow… tampilan StatCounter yang baru nampak segar sekali dan saya tidak tahan untuk bisa melihat hasil akhir.
    StatCounter is the best web statistics resource!

  5. Statcounter was the best site for statistics and with the new improvements it will definitely stay on this highest of levels – well done, keep up the good work!

  6. Have just visited the beta site for the first time and I like what I see.
    I am using a fast broadband connection, Windows XP, IE7.
    The sites pages take longer to load than the old site but maybe that’s because there is more information. Might be a problem for dial up users though. They will find it annoying.
    On the “Recent Visitor Activity” page I had a problem. When the cursor hovers over the “Referring URL:” link, some of the green text is unreadable. This is because the background of the link is transparent and the underlying text is still visible. Try it.

    Problems aside I like the improvements and will be using it in the future.
    Well done to the statcounter team.

  7. Beautiful…simply beautiful…this new interface is poetry in motion. Congrats on all the hard work.

  8. Hi,

    I feel your new features are really good and would like to try the free trail version.

  9. Hi,

    This is a very great project. I am appreciated all the detail reports done by you all. Furthermore with new appearance – clean and simple page, more friendly user.

    The best part is you have a feedback column so that your user may arise their opinion and suggestion.

    Keep it Up!! šŸ™‚

  10. The Beta version looks like cool and useful features are coming. i love the data sector ad its very useful for us.
    Thanks team, Keep on going.

  11. Just figured it out. Those references to go daddy seem to appear in the Dreamweaver tracker code. Iā€™m uncertain why. I was actually looking to see if there was a specific php code and strayed into the non-standard area.

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