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Apologies for the hiatus in communication. Over the last few weeks the whole team has been engrossed in the new design for StatCounter…

While private beta testing has been ongoing for some time now, we’re delighted to announce the public launch of the beta site today.

Click the image to try the NEW StatCounter beta site!
(NOTE: By “beta site” we mean a “preview” of the new StatCounter site. The “look and feel” of the site are close to how we expect the final version to be, however, regular design changes and bug fixes can be expected as we hear feedback from you, our members.)

New Look and Improved Features

As well as a fresh new look, the beta site boasts many improvements and new features including:

  • Date Range Selector for all stats – identify, for example, which Search Engines were used to find your site yesterday. Or last week. Or compare last week and this week. Etc.
  • Simplified Code Generation Process – get your code more quickly. Reinstallation is much easier too.
  • Quicker Sign Up for New Members – fewer clicks, more intuitive process – now you can feel even better about recommending us to your friends and colleages 😉
  • Hourly Stats – based on the log file – watch the hour-by-hour traffic trends on your site.
  • Project Dropdown List – simply toggle between your projects when viewing your stats.
  • Improved Browser Stats – now it’s even easier to monitor the most popular browser families and browser versions used to view your site.

Thank you!
We’d like to offer our sincere thanks to all our private beta testers. While we haven’t been able to respond to every communication, all feedback has been read and taken on board. Your comments, suggestions and ideas have been invaluable. Sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your time.

To any of our members who may be CONCERNED:
We are all well aware of the many botched redesigns that have taken place on various websites over the years… please be assured that we have NO intention of suffering the same fate! The site redesign was undertaken simply and solely to improve StatCounter for you, our members, in response to the many requests and comments you submitted. We hope we have managed to achieve a fresh but familiar look. You will also note that we are *not* imposing this redesign on you! Instead, the new design continues as an optional beta allowing us to iron our any remaining bugs or problems before the new site eventually goes live.

PLEASE use this beta testing period to become familiar with the new StatCounter design. Please also submit your feedback (good and bad!) to allow us to fine-tune the new site according to your preferences.

We’re really excited about the new design and we hope you will be too! As always, your comments are welcome below.


The beta version of StatCounter is COMPLETELY optional at the moment. We are *not* imposing this new design on you – instead we have presented you with a new version of the site which we are changing and tweaking according to your feedback!

Some members are asking how to “switch” between versions – please note the relevant URLS:


  1. Weird, I like EVERYTHING about the new version. Really. It looks cuter. Not sure if cuter was what you were aiming for, but I really love it. Thanks.

  2. I like it…more pleasant visually, no complaints (I couldn’t tell if it was slower overall, but some pages seemed to be – actually a faster server might be something I’d pay a premium for).

    One minor bug: the percentages on Keyword Analysis seem to be calculated wrongly due to the paging of the results. e.g. if I’m on page 1, they are shown as a percentage of _total keyword searches listed on page 1_ rather than _total keyword searches overall_. This means that on page 1, “1 hit” could be 3.45%, then when I click onto page 2, “1 hit” calculates to 5.56%.

    Not sure if I have described that clearly, let me know if not.

  3. The bad: (i’m talking about the changes here)

    NOTHING – if u a Statcounter MUSTEE. (login everyday and can never be without it.)


    The Hourly stats. (or, if any other. since i don’t find any. If there is, i’m surely have noticed. So far, i dont and I’m a everyday user. Means; it’s unimportant.)

    The Good:

    No need to come in at the login page. Just straight away to the project page. That’s all.

    Bottom line:

    Big Business like Statcounter needs to come out with something BIG when making upgrades because if u continue doing like this, u’re just going to invite peoples boredom…

    Sorry if my word seems a little bit harsh but as a loyal user, that is all i can come out with (and the upgrades proses takes decades!).

    Anyhow, the best of luck! to ST team.

  4. Visitor Paths are not as easy to follow. Long referring links and URLs wrap around on more than one line when the browser window is resized to a narrower size (which is often useful when working with multiple windows). This makes it much more difficult to follow the path. In the current version, the URLs run across the page and do not wrap onto a second line even when page is resized. So there’s just one URL per line. Please consider fixing this as visually it’s annoying. I agree with the other comment about too much white space (more dense paths easier to follow, at least for me).
    Personally, I find the old design visually much cleaner and easier to use.
    That said, thank you for all your hard work and a terrific service.

  5. for me, the font is not good, old version font can see more clearly~
    i love the old one better, from the layout and font view~

  6. Recent came from’s are more time-consuming to scroll through. Left panel harder to navigate because it lacks a vertical separator. Font size too large and too much white space. I’m for quick but the redesign isn’t quick. Data mining applications do not require “visual appeal.” Beats me why the change.

  7. Aodhan and the team – congratulations on all the hard work you’ve done.

    The new site (which I have been using from day one in the Beta format) looks wonderful.

    I certainly hope my little input as a tester has been worthwhile.

    Continued success to you all.

    Bring it on!

  8. The “recent came froms” spread over too much of the page, it’s much more compact in the old version.

    So, this is one thing I definitely don’t like. Please don’t change the compactness of info by spreading it out, or give those like me who aren’t impressed a choice of interface.

    Anyway – first impressions are that year, it kinda looks nice and kudos for wanting to evolve, but I kinda prefer the old site. Maybe after a few days I’ll get used to the new beta site but gut feel… like the ol’ one. 🙂

  9. The new interface looks great. StatCounter was about due for a facelift but we love your service. Keep up the great work!

  10. I have had problem of automatic signing out with old statcounter.
    But with new statcounter the problem is fixed.

  11. I am seeing the same design since last 3 years (when I started online business). It was a much awaited redesign for me, thanks.

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