NEW: URL Filter

Have you ever spent time combing through the Popular Pages stats looking for one particular web page? Not any more….

With the new URL filter on Popular Pages you can search for any page or subset of pages on your site quickly and easily.

  • Simply enter your URL (or partial URL) in the filter box.

  • Click “Update” and that’s it!

NOTE: This feature is available in the “New StatCounter“. Try it now and send us your feedback!


  1. This is one of the better free services on the internet and works well in tandem with analytics.

  2. now i can filter all my URL more easily without excel anymore!

  3. Great feature!
    i’ve been waiting for this for a long time :p

  4. very handy feature! Good for finding conversion pages and then drilling down for more info.

  5. Hmm this one is really a very useful feature. Some time i want to find a URL that whether i got any hit from it or not. It will now help me in that.

  6. thanks a lot for the great information..I will talk about it to my friends

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