RESOLVED:Server Trouble


In case any of you are stopping by the blog to find out what’s going on, I’m just writing this quick post.

Yes – we are experiencing some server trouble and I sincerely apologise for this.

You can follow the thread in our Service Status forum:

Please be assured that we are working to return full service ASAP.

UPDATE: We’re back up folks – full explanation will be posted in Service Status forum shortly. Apologies again.


  1. Glad to hear you guys are on top of things. I did not even notice it and I go on SC every day.

  2. Oh, Sometimes I didn’t connect to, I don’t know that is my error with connection or something else.But I like statcounter, thank you very much !

    Bob Jeiger

  3. Statistics sites may come and go but you live on forever. A rock concert of thumbs up!

    Enjoying the design of your weblog, incidentally. 🙂

  4. Everybody I know thinks your service is great.

    All the very best of British luck to you.

    Love the representation of your internet site, just as a side note. In the notorious words of our beloved Mr Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back” (if you’ll have me)

    I AM IN BERLIN GERMANY AND ALL O2 servers in germany hold the same server ip because some juse surf sticks i hate to je acused for something this is not true

  6. I just like your website. It’s really a great tool. Thanks for the information.

  7. Hi, It’s a rare find for a nice web site like this. I enjoyed it. Kudos to you. Have a nice day!

  8. A suggestion: when you write this kind of message, could you be specific about the time it’s posted — i.e., mention the time zone (in the original message, plus in the “Update” as was the case above.

    Thank you.


    1. Gina – all times are available in the Service Status forum we referenced. Thanks.

  9. StatCounter is still offline for me.

    1. StatCounter is up and online.

      Try refreshing your page – press CTRL and F5.

  10. Not a priority, but I was wondering if, on my end, I could set a timeout for the “stats retrieve request” from my site to yours.

    I’m asking this because the page with the counter stops loading until the request to get the stats times out.

    Of course, I could just temporarily remove the code until everything is fixed, but I thought that this could be interesting to know (if it’s possible).

    Thank you for providing us with your services. I’ve been using statscounter for years, and it’s always been a pleasure!

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