New Design LIVE!


Over the last 24 hours we have rolled out the newly redesigned StatCounter for everyone…

Sincere thanks to all our members who helped us beta test the new design over the last 9 months – your feedback, suggestions and comments have been invaluable.

We have tried very hard to maintain the broad structure of “old” StatCounter while incorporating lots of new options and features, along with general interface improvements. This means you should still be able to navigate StatCounter (pretty much) as you always have done, without the need to re-learn the system.

Things to check out….
Organize Projects
Switch between visits and pageloads on the Projects page
Improved Search Engine stats
Hourly Stats
Toggle between projects quickly when viewing your stats
Download a file of individual stats (e.g. keywords) by clicking the excel or CSV icons
Improved Screen Resolution stats
Inclusion of Search Ranking information (where available)
Date Range Selector and Compare Periods option
Improved Browser stats
Filter stats by country (or State or City or ISP)
URL Filter on Popular Pages

If there’s anything you can’t find or something you are puzzled about, leave a comment below OR discuss in the forum OR send us a message. We’ll do our best to reply as soon as we can.

We know, we know! That’s why we have made the new site slowly available and allowed an extended beta period of over 9 months. Change *can* be daunting initially… but please give the new design a chance! It’s full of frequently-requested new features and improvements which, judging by your feedback, most members are really excited about.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”
We’ve heard this comment a few times but we certainly don’t subscribe to it! Should we ditch electricity and go back to candles? Should we abandon cars in favour of a horse and cart? Should we scrap mobile phones and go back to landlines instead? As difficult as it can be, progress involves change! We have worked terribly hard to ensure that StatCounter reamins familiar to you while incorporating the many new changes to minimise any discomfort in switching to our new design.

“Will I always be able to access “old” StatCounter?”
Short answer – no. It’s not practical for us to support two separate systems in the long term. The old version of StatCounter will ultimately be phased out completely. That’s why we strongly recommend that you start using the new version of StatCounter as soon as possible – if there are things you don’t like or have trouble with, then we can look at fixing them up before the final changeover.

“I don’t like it!”
Well – we’re very sorry to hear that! There may be a bug which needs fixing OR we may need to consider an alternative option to suit your tastes. Please consider submitting detailed feedback so we can investigate things for you.

“Don’t you care about what your members think?!”
Of course we do… that’s exactly why we embarked on this redesign! That’s also why the new design of StatCounter is very different to the first iteration we started testing. We listened, we learned, we responded. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try we just can’t make everyone happy all the time. Instead we have to aim to make the vast majority of people as happy as possible – and judging by the feedback we’re receiving – we’re on our way to meeting that goal.


  1. Congratulations for the change. I like everything you did.. the look and the new functionalities… and also the matter that you are adding the traffic for the different sites. But the best thing.. by far, is knowing the position in the SE’s for the different keywords.

  2. me with my humanitarian approach and after a short while taken to have put the puzzle together am enjoying the new look and functionality. On one hand, heck what is new, click the buttons and bingo. On the other hand now the site looks well structured and organized…ehmmm…what you call it? “User friendly”. Much user friendly than it used to be.
    Great job Statcounter team!

  3. news design gives it web 2.0 look. But some areas of design feels wired.. anyway good work..

  4. i want statcounter set option to track be specific any image (not page) what was show on other web or webboard.
    i do not sure you will understand my suggestion ?

  5. I loved the old site and love the new site. Your services are very impressive.

  6. Thanks for a great app. It adds some fun to our website along with useful feedback. Our website is generated from ideas by kids in Indonesia. It’s really great to see the occasional viewer from a different country. The kids get a buzz out of that

  7. I was a bit puzzled at first but now I can say I definitely like the changes you made. You’re absolutely right – progress involves change. Well done and thank you, Statcounter!

  8. Statcounter, I love you! I’ve used this site for almost 10 years and am one of your biggest fans. Thanks for this great tool and I love the redesign as well!!

  9. Aodan and the team at Stat-count.
    Thanks for a great app. It adds some fun to our website along with useful feedback. Our website is generated from ideas by kids in Indonesia. It’s really great to see the occasional viewer from a different country. The kids get a buzz out of that. We are looking forward to updating to the new one. Great job, love the work guys.

  10. one more bug for the team: If I switch the language to Magyar, i cannot switch back to English.

  11. The new stat counter provides more useful for us also it shows in ranking in search engines, Thanks

  12. Absolutely amazing job on the new site. I always hate changes to interfaces since I get so used to the old versions, but I can honestly say this was the easiest transition I have ever made. Keep it up SC team!!

  13. Could it be possible to show only the % of countries as a pie chart or Bar (like the Search engine one ) , not the numbers, so that I can have it display on my website.

  14. Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with this nice new look and new features.
    StatCounter rocks and offers more than many paid counters and trackers.
    Keep up the good work!

  15. I absolutely adore the new look, and the added benefits. I have abundantly enjoyed using your services for many years, and have never had issue or disappointment. I often recommend you, and always will! Thanks!

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