New Design LIVE!


Over the last 24 hours we have rolled out the newly redesigned StatCounter for everyone…

Sincere thanks to all our members who helped us beta test the new design over the last 9 months – your feedback, suggestions and comments have been invaluable.

We have tried very hard to maintain the broad structure of “old” StatCounter while incorporating lots of new options and features, along with general interface improvements. This means you should still be able to navigate StatCounter (pretty much) as you always have done, without the need to re-learn the system.

Things to check out….
Organize Projects
Switch between visits and pageloads on the Projects page
Improved Search Engine stats
Hourly Stats
Toggle between projects quickly when viewing your stats
Download a file of individual stats (e.g. keywords) by clicking the excel or CSV icons
Improved Screen Resolution stats
Inclusion of Search Ranking information (where available)
Date Range Selector and Compare Periods option
Improved Browser stats
Filter stats by country (or State or City or ISP)
URL Filter on Popular Pages

If there’s anything you can’t find or something you are puzzled about, leave a comment below OR discuss in the forum OR send us a message. We’ll do our best to reply as soon as we can.

We know, we know! That’s why we have made the new site slowly available and allowed an extended beta period of over 9 months. Change *can* be daunting initially… but please give the new design a chance! It’s full of frequently-requested new features and improvements which, judging by your feedback, most members are really excited about.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”
We’ve heard this comment a few times but we certainly don’t subscribe to it! Should we ditch electricity and go back to candles? Should we abandon cars in favour of a horse and cart? Should we scrap mobile phones and go back to landlines instead? As difficult as it can be, progress involves change! We have worked terribly hard to ensure that StatCounter reamins familiar to you while incorporating the many new changes to minimise any discomfort in switching to our new design.

“Will I always be able to access “old” StatCounter?”
Short answer – no. It’s not practical for us to support two separate systems in the long term. The old version of StatCounter will ultimately be phased out completely. That’s why we strongly recommend that you start using the new version of StatCounter as soon as possible – if there are things you don’t like or have trouble with, then we can look at fixing them up before the final changeover.

“I don’t like it!”
Well – we’re very sorry to hear that! There may be a bug which needs fixing OR we may need to consider an alternative option to suit your tastes. Please consider submitting detailed feedback so we can investigate things for you.

“Don’t you care about what your members think?!”
Of course we do… that’s exactly why we embarked on this redesign! That’s also why the new design of StatCounter is very different to the first iteration we started testing. We listened, we learned, we responded. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try we just can’t make everyone happy all the time. Instead we have to aim to make the vast majority of people as happy as possible – and judging by the feedback we’re receiving – we’re on our way to meeting that goal.


  1. Congratulations. Excellent work and presentation. I just love your site !
    One problem however and wonder whether you can help ! My website provider changed his address from http://www. to http://www2 and ever since my visits dropped from 2,927 visits in 2004 to 52 visits in 2011. We are just out of business !!!!!!!!!!
    Can you possibly suggest what we need to do to attract visitors ? Thanks a lot.

  2. We like the site but there is one problem. 50 per page does not cut it.
    By the time you get to the page 2 (51 to 100), content from page 1
    is there. To temporarily solve it, we have to open all the pages at once
    in the tabs of browser then close them as we read the content.

  3. Hi, I like it and love to use your service :).
    The only thing (probably a bug??) that I have now is: I have to log in twice. When I write my name and password + push log in button, everything is erased and I have to do it again. Hope, you can fix this… (I use Chrome).
    Anyways, thanks for your service and your effort to make it even better!

  4. I adore Stat Counter and thank you for the incredible service you render. I appreciate the scope and depth with which you operate.
    Grazie, Merci, Danke, Gracias, thanks!
    Page Larkin SF CA

  5. I’ve been a fan of and using your ‘New’ counter for so long now, I hadn’t realised the old one was still running.
    Great improvements 🙂

  6. I’ve been using the beta for a long time now and I’m glad to see this go live!

    It’s a great improvement over the old interface and I’d be surprised to see more than a handful of complaints compared to the amount of praise you’ll receive.

    Great work guys!

    1. Oh and I love the fact I didn’t have to change any code on my site to keep statcounter working =)

  7. Is there any way to see a more in-depth viewer map? I can see my viewers per city, but even if I have 500 viewers in a city, it still only shows one location on the map for all of them. A more detailed map would show which neighborhoods I am targeting effectively.

  8. Greatly improved new design. Congratulations. Love the Statcounter service, BTW.

    All the best of British luck to you.

    Love the feel of your website, in passing. In the heartfelt words of our endearing Arnie, “I’ll be back” (if you’ll have me)

  9. Love the new look, it’s so clean! I think it’s really cool that the keyword’s Google page rank is shown on the Recent Keyword Activity page!

  10. Improvement? not sure if I’m seeing what some others do … although I’ve been happy with the weekly emailed reports, now it seems I have to log in to see this…. not sure because your changeover email doesn’t give clear instructions.

    1. Hi EG,

      We’d be happy to clear things up for you… but your comment is quite vague so we need some more details in order to help.

      Now it seems you have to log in to see what?

      What do you need clear instructions about?

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