1. I’m not sure why other users have had issues with stat counter but, on all of my sites we use statcounter and have had absolutely ZERO issues. I would recommend making sure that whatever the CMS you guys are using is current and the plugins are up to date.

  2. Statcounter is the best i think.I love Statcounter.
    @Faddies contact Statcounter team.They helped you.

  3. guys i am a new member of statcounter.com i have start a new project with the name of Faddies now i do not know what to do further ? any help ?? please

  4. I am shocked. This statcounter forum identifying me as a spammer. Why? I never did it. Is it any technical problem?

  5. Great service. In Russia and Ukraine we don’t have this tool. Thank you StatCounter

  6. I am just using Stat Counter for not so long . but i think it is a good tool for measuring traffic .

  7. I am using Stat Counter from last 3 years. I think its one of the best tool for measuring traffic..

    Yes, I also get loading problem on 17th Nov. But now all fine..

    Thanks..Stat Counter

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