RESOLVED:Logging In Problems


Please accept our sincere apologies – we are aware of and working to resolve the current logging in problems ASAP.

Updates in our Service Status forum.


  1. how can i get traffic improving information on this site. Can anyone tell me please?

  2. I found this site useful. You guys are doing a wonderful work here. Kindly help us improve on logging time as it took me so many minutes before i could logging. Thanks.

  3. All’s well that ends well. As I am still using the free version, I have no complaints. But whether paying or not, we know things like this happen, even to the best in the field. We ought to contain ourselves and wait a while until the issue is resolved.

  4. Thought it was my site having the issues. Pleased to know it has been resolved.

  5. Statcounter’s website is not showing up on Foxfire 3.6.24. There’s some text scattered about the screen, that’s all. It looks all right in Internet Explorer. I’m curious because my visitor count has ceased to appear on my website.

  6. Glad to see you are up and running again, it’s always good to see you are telling if you are having technical difficulties. I have recently transferred couple websites to Statcounter, hope to transfer more in future

  7. I just tried to login, but received the following:

    “A link to the database server ‘a067’ could not be established.”


  8. Thanks for the quick resolve (on a weekend!) – also thanks for posting updates on the forum + blog .. very helpful to know it was a system and not a “me” issue ..

  9. It’s a free service for me. I’m happy to patiently wait until things are working properly.
    Although if I were paying for it I’m might be tempted to sound off like a big douche, enzo-style.

  10. *Comment removed**

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