New Feature: Mobile Device Stats

Mobile Device stats are now available for all StatCounter members.

When viewing your stats, you can access this new statistic by choosing “Browsers” in the left menu bar and then “Mobile Device” at the top of the page.

Given the increasing usage of mobile devices to access the internet, we’re very pleased to be able to offer you, our members, this new statistic.

(For further information on mobile usage visit the StatCounter Global Stats site and view a graph of worldwide mobile v desktop activity or look at individual countries e.g. India or Nigeria. For other regions, simply choose from the dropdown list.)

This stat will help you to identify the individual mobile devices which are most commonly used to access your site. Use this information to optimise your site for mobile OR to establish if there is a problem accessing your site from certain devices.

Please bear in mind that this stat is a work-in-progress and we plan to add further functionality in the coming weeks. Please also make sure to send us your feedback and ideas so that we can refine and improve the Mobile Device stat to suit your needs.

Click any Mobile Vendor name (e.g. Apple or Motorola) to display a breakdown of the individual devices (as illustrated above).

As always – your comments are welcome below. Thanks folks.


  • If you have a mobile device, please consider contributing to our Mobile Detection project. Please visit this link using your mobile device and let us know any updates or changes we should make.
  • Apologies for the hiatus of posts on the blog… one minute it was December 2011 then suddenly through a mist of mobile stats and detection work we find ourselves in May 2012 without a single blog post having been done in the interim! We will try hard not to let that happen again… 😉


  1. So glad that you have implemented mobile stats. I have noticed that a lot more of my traffic is mobile and its important to track this to ensure the best usability of the site.

  2. Wooh, it’s really cool. Such a great feature and now we can easily see our stats out-door.

    Thanks guys

  3. Stat counter is great. I am using it on one of my websites and I get emailed the results to me which I access on my mobile anyway. But this feature will be great. Statcounter is getting better and better.

  4. Wow, its really great feature!
    btw do you offer mobile stat for low end device that doesnt support JS?


    1. YES!

      We track older non-javascript enabled devices as well as fully internet-enabled smartphones.

  5. Hope it would work well. I see a lot of users are using mobile to browsing web nowaday 😀

  6. With close to 90% of my visitors coming from mobile devices, you can only imagine what a godsend this update is to me :D. Much thanks to the hard-working statcounter team.

    The only feature suggestion I have at the moment is to have some kind of mobile emulator… some way to tell what our web pages look like in the various systems and devices. I know this is no easy feat as the only simulator/emulator I can find right now is the opera mini and that requires a Java and what not, if only there was a more simpler way to quickly simulate the visitor’s visits, get an idea of what the user sees.

    But anyways, this is wonderful, time to do some serious analysis… anyone knows how to mobilize a site like mine :D? I want it to be like wikipedia mobile. Great job! I love statcounter!

  7. Nice. Mobile visitors are now the visitors which matters! I appreciate the efforts to add mobile device status.

    And I think there are some bugs too when I magnify the visitors from mobile devices I see yahoo Bots also there! May be statcounter is recording yahoo and other bots also as Mobile visitors.

  8. Sweet! I’ve been waiting for something like this. Well exactly this actually. To know how many of my sites visitors are mobile visitors! This will help me to determine which of my sites I probably need to install an alternative mobile version of my site which only loads when its a mobile visitor as well. That should increase your sites reliability and effectiveness.

    Thank you SC sirs!

    Martin Mar Jella

  9. Really Amazing works Thanks
    It’s really great it will work definitely..

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