New Feature: Mobile Device Stats

Mobile Device stats are now available for all StatCounter members.

When viewing your stats, you can access this new statistic by choosing “Browsers” in the left menu bar and then “Mobile Device” at the top of the page.

Given the increasing usage of mobile devices to access the internet, we’re very pleased to be able to offer you, our members, this new statistic.

(For further information on mobile usage visit the StatCounter Global Stats site and view a graph of worldwide mobile v desktop activity or look at individual countries e.g. India or Nigeria. For other regions, simply choose from the dropdown list.)

This stat will help you to identify the individual mobile devices which are most commonly used to access your site. Use this information to optimise your site for mobile OR to establish if there is a problem accessing your site from certain devices.

Please bear in mind that this stat is a work-in-progress and we plan to add further functionality in the coming weeks. Please also make sure to send us your feedback and ideas so that we can refine and improve the Mobile Device stat to suit your needs.

Click any Mobile Vendor name (e.g. Apple or Motorola) to display a breakdown of the individual devices (as illustrated above).

As always – your comments are welcome below. Thanks folks.


  • If you have a mobile device, please consider contributing to our Mobile Detection project. Please visit this link using your mobile device and let us know any updates or changes we should make.
  • Apologies for the hiatus of posts on the blog… one minute it was December 2011 then suddenly through a mist of mobile stats and detection work we find ourselves in May 2012 without a single blog post having been done in the interim! We will try hard not to let that happen again… 😉

118 comments on “New Feature: Mobile Device Stats

  1. Great Features, I like Stat Counter very much because these stat counter having some extra user friendly functions for new users ! Thank for new Features , so sweet !

  2. Great! Now if you would only fix the log file resizing algorithm so that it doesn’t delete recent log file entries when you downsize a log file, that would be a huge advance, too.

    1. Hi!

      While it’s not possible to specify the time period of stats you wish to delete, we do give you full warning of what stats will be deleted if you proceed with the log adjust.

      Did you see the message when you reduce your log quota?

      For example:
      Please be aware that this log size adjustment will result in a loss of data.
      This adjustment will delete the visit data from 8th May 2012 15:23 to 10th May 2012 15:35.

      Reducing your log size is not recommended. This data can not be recovered, and the oldest data is not deleted first. Please carefully review this information and only enter your password to confirm this decision if you are 100% sure.

      We also allow you to download the full log of stats as well as individual stats at any time to keep for future reference.

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