New Feature: Filter

Have you ever wondered…

  1. What search terms are Canadian visitors using to find my site?
  2. Which US states do I get most traffic from?
  3. Which pages on my site are most popular with visitors from London, England?

Our new “Filter” feature makes it easier for you to answer these questions and many others too. Let’s look at an example…

Keyword Analysis – Filter

Click “filter” on the Keyword Analysis page to access the available filters for this statistic.

The available filters will be displayed like this:


Use the “search term” filter to isolate keywords (or groups of keywords). In the example below, a bakery website uses this filter to examine those keywords in their stats which include the term “cake”.


Use the “entry page” filter to identify which keywords result in hits to specific entry pages (aka “landing pages”) of your site. In the example below, we examine which keywords result in hits to the Spanish language landing page on the bakery website.


It’s also possible to combine filters. For example, our bakery can examine all keywords containing the term “cake” which result in hits to the Spanish language page on their site. They simply apply both the “search term” and “entry page” filters to their stats like this:


Use the “pageviews per visit” filter to exclude bounce visits (visits with only a single hit). This helps you to identify keywords which result in visitors viewing two or more pages of your site.

Bounce visits occur when a visitor enters your site then “bounces” away again having only viewed one page on your site. (Although often considered a negative, bounce visits may not necessarily be a bad thing… but that’s a blog post for another day ;))

Use the “labelled visitors” filter to isolate the keywords used by the visitors you have labelled within your StatCounter project (Note: the “labelled visitors” filter is hidden if you haven’t yet labelled any visitors in your project).

Use the “country” filter to review the keywords used to find your site by visitors from a specific country.



Filters are available on all of the most popular stats pages on StatCounter, and some stats pages have extra filters relevant to the stat in question.  We’ll be continuing to expand the range of filters available as well as the stats pages that are covered by filters.

Feedback Please!

We would be really grateful if you could take some time to have a look at the new filter options. Let us know what you think. Any questions on what the filters mean? Any confusion on interpreting the stats? Is there another filter that you would find useful? What other options would you like to have available?

Your feedback is vital and will be used to refine and improve this new feature. Thank you folks.

– The example bakery site and related stats used in this blog post are entirely fictional.
– The filter feature is under ongoing development – expect changes and additions.
– Question 1 above can be answered by going to “Keyword Analysis”, filter by “Country” and select “Canada”
– Question 2 above can be answered by going to “Country/State/City/ISP”, choose the “State/Region” option, filter by “Country” and select “United States”
– Question 3 above can be answered by going to “Popular Pages”, filter by “Town/City” and select “London, United Kingdom”


  1. This is a fabulous addition to an already excellent product. I am currently using Statcounter on all my sites and have found the details immensely valuable. For example, I until digging into the stats, I didn’t realize 48% of my traffic was mobile! A quick change to my theme and the addition of a mobile ad plugin and my earnings have almost tripled. Thank you Statcounter!

  2. Thank you for adding this feature. It is very helpful specially if there is a massive number of results and just want to filter specific search terms that are profitable and worth spending time and effort optimizing.

  3. that is very useful there is something that will made statcounter ahead .. we need to get specific information about users clicking adsense in the website .. that would be great ..

  4. ဆက္ဒိုးေလးသတင္း
    တိုက္ရိုက္သတင္းေတြ စတင္ပါေတာ့မည္

  5. “New Feature: Filter | StatCounter Blog” was
    indeed honestly entertaining and beneficial!
    In the present day society that’s challenging to deliver.
    With thanks, Jake

  6. Thank you.
    So when I look at my visitor path report, I like being able to see download actions, and exit link actions, but how about on page events. Such as activating a hover menu, opening up a hidden div. This would give us a great insight of on page actions.

  7. What has happened to your site this morning it looks as if it has been bombed?



  8. Nele that is a great idea! but nowadays a lot of blogs are being hosting on a single ip address, like shared hosting companies doing that. So its not possible till now i think.

  9. that is very useful there is something that will made statcounter ahead .. we need to get specific information about users clicking adsense in the website .. that would be great ..

  10. This is all very useful, thank you very much!
    Is there any way to link the IP-address to the URL of the blog of the person that visited your blog? That would be even more awesome (:

  11. Looks good. Many thanks.
    I think this features was available/hidden as “drill down” and “Filtered” under menu “Country/State/City/ISP”.

  12. Thanks, its a great feature, would you launch an android app for statcounter in future?

  13. This feature is definitely Increasing customer experience to the max, these kind of changes are good and value add to the site statistics. This is also a way of checking what key words are best for your site for better SEO.

  14. I just want to join other people’s voices here, a way to filter out Facebook bot, and similar ones, would be nice, many so called visitors are in reality fake and consist of bot hits.

  15. Its great, statcounter is becoming more advance day by day,
    i am liking it more than google analytics,

    one thing i want to say to statcounter team is that please release a official android app so that we can easily access analytics on our android sets in a better way!

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