StatCounter API

StatCounter API

We’re proud to publicly launch the StatCounter API today. The API is available to all members with a paid upgrade. It gives developers direct access to StatCounter data allowing them to build scripts, custom reports, widgets and apps.

Many thanks to our early adopters, who have performed extensive testing on the API and given valuable suggestions and feedback.

To get started, head on over to the documentation. You will need to set your API password. Then you can start constructing your API calls in your preferred programming language.

We’re keen to improve the API and expand its functionality so please send any bug reports or feature requests for the API to us here .

Please note that the StatCounter API is only available to StatCounter members with a paid upgrade. Unfortunately while we make every effort to provide as many features and as much functionality as possible with our free StatCounter accounts, we are not currently in a position to offer the StatCounter API on a free basis.

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  1. Our team at OSIpage would like to thank statCounter for their wonderful service throughout the years. Analytics is awesome and it has made a great impact in analyzing and getting in-depth overview of traffic for web access application and privacy bookmarking service, OSIpage. We will continue to use API and paid services. A hearty thanks from the team.

  2. This API is a great new addition. Wish it was available to all members and not just apid ones and as my business grows I will definitely become a paid member and having this direct access to the data will be a plus.

  3. Ditto me too.
    I help monitor several websites via the upgraded version of Stat Counter., and have not been able to check anything since 2/26

    When is this issue going to be corrected?

    Thanks in advance

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