StatCounter Apps for iOS and Android

We’re pleased to announce the launch of StatCounter apps for iOS and Android.* These apps are free to download and use. Get your app now from iTunes or Google Play.

Enter your username and password** in the app and view an array of familiar StatCounter reports.

  • Compare your traffic trends for this week versus last week
  • Examine recent visitors
  • View your most popular pages
  • Check where your traffic came from
  • Plus much more


We hope you enjoy using the new app. In-app ads can be removed at any point simply by upgrading your StatCounter account. Please send your feedback, feature requests and suggestions via the feedback form within the app or via this form.

* The app has been developed to work with iOS 6.1 and later and Android 2.3 and later. For mobile users without a supported Android or iOS device you can still continue to use the mobile site at

**Log in with the username and password you use for your main StatCounter account.

80 comments on “StatCounter Apps for iOS and Android

  1. Hello!
    A few yrs ago, when I was very active on the internet, marketing many products, I tried your Statcounter and found it was among the top 3 best services. But then some other matters took me away from internet marketing and the domain names expired my internet presence vaporized. Now, I just remembered you and decided to check and was over joyed to discover you’re still alive and kicking and doing great. I appreciate your service and will be upgrading and also buying the other services you have. If you have an affiliate program I shall sign up, as well as recommend you to all my customers and associates. Thank you so much for a quality and competent service and God bless!

  2. Great News and installed straightway. Didn’t check yet. I guess this will be a fantastic application for statscounter users to check on move. I will definitely write a review on statscounter. Thank you very much.

    Susanta C

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