Redesigned with you in mind, a clearer and easier to use Statcounter.

It’s our mission to make Statcounter the most useful, engaging and easy to use analytics app for our members. This update is just one of many improvements we have lined up to help make it easy for you to understand your visitors and make the most informed decisions about your website.


Clarity and ease-of-use.

While there are some new features and functional improvements in this update, the most substantial changes areΒ to the look and feel of the Statcounter user interface. Redesigned from the ground up, we’ve placed priority on clarity and ease-of-use by improving the layout, typography, colours, icons, spacing and visual hierarchy.


See the wood for the trees.

New headline stats show you important summary information at a glance.

Compare and contrast.

A refreshed projects page makes it easier for you to compare trends across your projects.

Take a shortcut.

A redesigned date-range picker with shortcut buttons makes filtering reports by date quicker and easier.

Jump and zoom.

New jump and zoom controls on the summary chart make it easier than ever to navigate backwards and forwards in time and zoom in and out for different levels of granularity.

Be flexible.

You can now hide the left navigation menu when you need some extra space for your stats. This can be particularly useful for viewing reports that contain long URLs.

Be Vibrant.

Last but by no means least, we’re excited to show you our new logo. A vibrant new look to the future, with a nod to the past.

Watch this space for further improvements in the coming months and if you have any feedback, please feel free to let us know in the comments below or use the Feedback Tab in Statcounter.


  1. The new design is great! Looks much more modern and brings it up-to-date.

    Just wondered, my login accounts with “stats viewer” permission don’t seem to have the new left-hand side navigation menu – is that coming?

    Also, are there any plans for agencies to be able to brand the panel, like with the old interface where we could upload a logo into the header? It’s no big deal if not!

    Love the new visitor label notifications feature too – great to see these new innovative features being put into StatCounter.

    Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  2. Really enjoy the new look and feel. It’s intuitive. I don’t have to search hard to find everything. It’s pleasant to look at and makes reporting so much easier– just make a screenshot and paste it in.

  3. Hello Statcounter Team. Can you let users choose between the old and the new look ?

    1. You can revert back for now, but the old design won’t be kept forever. So let us know what you don’t like about the new design.

  4. Hello,
    The new design is good, but for me the old one is better. I like it ;-(
    Thank you for all efforts you have done (technical team)

  5. best counter in this whole world really too much easy and ios application is more and more easy to use . really thanks alot for this. Well Done

  6. Yes, I really like this new interface it has a great new look, easier to understand. and good graphics make it more usable.

  7. Bravo on the new design! It looks fantastic and it’s so refreshing! Congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen. New logo is great too!

  8. Using statcounter from last few years. Its awesome BUT I did not like the new design at all. Everything looks too big. Can I go back to previous design ? I can view everything in single view. thanks

    1. There should be an option to switch back at the bottom of the summary stats page.

      The new design is a little more spaced out than the old design. We wanted to get away from the “claustrophobic” feel that some of the old pages had.

      We hope you’ll try the new design from time to time. We’ve got many more improvements planned for it. This is just the start.

      1. At least can we have a summary page that takes up similar space to the old front page summary?! I don’t really care what you do with the detail pages, but several times a day I go through my summary page, and this is going to take forever.

        The old one was not claustrophobic. The new one is massive and, on my desktop, takes far too much room to display. It’s a lot more than ‘a little spaced out’. It’s requiring me to take up vastly more space for StatCounter than before, even zooming out.

        1. I’m with Casey on this one. Thanks very much for still giving the option to use the old layout, it’s much appreciated!

          I have never understood the modern site designs that inefficiently waste so much screen space, now I do! Claustrophobic? I never would have guessed that! One idea could be to have a “compact” layout link/button, like gmail and such.

          I wonder if that’s another millennial thing? FYI, I’m borderline millennial, but I’m much more like Gen X. These new sites are so annoyingly inefficient to me. I’m glad the new design isn’t like most new sites though! They’re laid out like a chaotic massive mess of some college dorm room, lol. I just give up trying to find anything useful on them. So kudos for not going that route! πŸ™‚

        2. Totally agree! I also check my summary page throughout the day and was perfectly happy with the smaller format, everything at a glance without scrolling.

        3. I can only think your designers never ever use statistics for their own websites.

          I can’t think why you didn’t ask any of us what are the most important priorities in terms of improvement (mine was always going be about speed of delivery – which has not been improved in any way!)

          Statistics is NOT about design – the emphasis is on functionality – being able to use the site in an efficient and effective way. The minute you start making it more difficult to get an “at a glance” review of what’s going on you’ve got another person making their way back to Google Analytics.

          Have you taken a look at how much summary information they get on to their dashboard in a confined space recently?

  9. Looking good! πŸ‘πŸΎ Best website analytics besides GoogleAnalytics.πŸ’‘One suggestion I have is to allow for realtime updates/functionality and make it optional. Would love to have a statcounter screen up all day!

  10. Awesome revision of your program! Love it! Easy to read and understand,
    with clean aesthetics. Well done!

  11. The new design is pretty neat. I’ve been using it for a while and I just can’t go back to the previous design.

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