New Reports Dashboard & Simplified Navigation

New Reports Dashboard & Simplified Navigation

Over the years we’ve added many different stats pages to Statcounter, resulting in a very long list that can be overwhelming to new users and can cause friction for even long time members.

As part of the longer term process of updating and redesigning Statcounter, we’ve reduced the 30 or so project navigation items down to 3 main sections. Some of our members already have this change, and we’ll be rolling it out for everyone over the coming weeks.  Here is how the new nav looks, with a recognizable icon for each section:

Recent Activity Grouped

Of the three new main sections, the first one is the familiar Summary stats, which has been maintained in the top spot.  Under the second item, ‘Recent Activity’, we’ve grouped Recent Pageload Activity, Recent Visitor Activity, Recent Came From, Recent Keyword Activity etc. under the same submenu:


Longer term, we are hoping to be able to merge some of the similar ‘Recent Activity’ stats pages so that fewer of them satisfy all current use cases, but for now we’ve maintained all the existing recent activity pages.

More Space For Your Stats on Smaller Screens

The icons allow us to provide more space for your stats on smaller screens, by hiding the sidebar out of the way so that just the icons are visible:



This more compact sidebar navigation kicks in automatically whenever the browser viewport is narrow, and it’s also possible to trigger the narrower viewport with the sidebar tab:

When in the more compact state, the Summary Stats and Reports page are accessible by a tap or click on their icons, and the Recent Activity submenu pops out if you hover over it or tap on it.

Reports: Get a Quick Overview of How Your Site is Doing

For the remaining aggregate stats, we’ve introduced a new page entitled ‘Reports’ which provides a single page dashboard view of stats that would have previously been shown on separate pages:

To navigate to the full report for a stat, select the tab for that report, and click on the ‘View Report’ link (which changes based on the currently selected tab).

Project Config

We’ve also moved all project related settings into the footer of the project navigation sidebar to enable quicker browsing between stats pages and project settings pages:

The number of project settings pages has also been reduced by merging similar pages to make the list more manageable. Notably, ‘ISP Blocking’, ‘Blocking Cookie’, ‘IP Address Blocking’ and ‘Crawler/Bot’ blocking is all contained in a new page entitled ‘Ignore Visits’.

Where is Hourly Stats?

You can now view Hourly Stats for a particular day by clicking on that date in the table under the Summary Stats graph:

(In the Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly views, these hourly links are initially hidden, and you need to expand e.g. a recent week to reveal the hourly links for each day of daily data)

Where is Popular Pages?

Like other aggregate stats pages, you can get to the full Popular Pages stat by clicking on the ‘View Report’ link on the Pages Reports widget, which is always located at top right of the Reports page:


The three top level items of Summary, Recent Activity and Reports should now give a little more structure to your project, make Statcounter less intimidating for new users and allow us to properly add new stats pages and categories of stats without overloading the interface.

If you are logged in to Statcounter and still on the old project sidebar navigation, you can go ahead and switch to the new navigation now.  We’ll be rolling it out for all members over the coming weeks

We understand that a major navigation update like this can be jarring and frustrating for our users who have ‘muscle memory’ for the the old navigation. We hope that any annoyance will turn out to be short-term and that longer term the advantages of the new design will become apparent, but — as always — we are listening to the feedback of our members so don’t hesitate to get in touch in the comments or via support channels to voice your concerns.



  1. I love how the Engagement graph shows like +10 returning visitors

  2. Thanks for this update guys! Will definitely switch to StatCounter

  3. I love the blue and lime green combination! You
    Got me already hooked so consider me a new member 😉

  4. Dear Sir,
    unable to login our acount. please suggest
    we are a small business organisation in relocation in Mumbai , India.

  5. Nice. I use start counter long time. At time this feather are very impressive……

  6. For first this update was annoying for me to accept. But slowly I got used to it and now I love this navigation update. I hope in future, we also got some new updates like. The world is changing, so we have to change with it. Nice Job.

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