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February 2019 Newsletter

Keyword Research Demystified, Success Story #1 — February 2019 Newsletter

One of our new year’s resolutions at Statcounter for 2019 is to actively help our members be more successful online. In this new monthly newsletter, we will feature stories from other Statcounter members on their business and processes, advice on digital marketing, how to get the most out of Statcounter and more. Whether you’re a small business or team of one doing your own marketing or an agency helping your clients grow, we hope there’ll be something valuable to take away each month.

This month, we have the first in a series of Success Stories where we talk to Statcounter members about their business. And a guide to doing Keyword Research to attract the most qualified visitors to your website.

As always, we value your feedback. Respond in the comments to let us know any ways we can improve.


Success Stories


Hummingbird Marketing Services is a boutique digital marketing agency in Seattle that helps small businesses grow online using a data-centric approach to digital marketing. We spoke with founder and owner Andi Lucas about her transition from print publishing to digital marketing, working for Amazon and starting her own business.


Andi Lucas — Hummingbird Marketing Services


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Learning Center


Learn how to improve your organic search engine rankings and attract the most qualified visitors to your website by researching and using keywords in your content.


Google Search


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Further Reading


What we’ve been reading this month from around the web.

13 Easy Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
Get the word out about your small business. Rebekah Bek from Ahrefs offers some tried and tested marketing ideas that you can implement on a limited budget.

State of Social 2019 Report
Buffer’s annual report includes stats and insights to fuel your social marketing strategy for 2019.

SEO Best Practices for B2B Brands Trying to Rank in 2019
Ross Simmonds shows B2B businesses some sound strategies for ranking well in Google  in 2019.

10 Ways To Make Your Small Business A Force For Good
Sustainability is central to this list of ways to make your business a force for good by Tara McMullin.



  1. Thank you for quick summary of keywords SEO. As you mentioned, I have tried Ahrefs, and it is really good in finding, comparing and analyzing keywords. It’s paid tool but you still have, I think, 5 free tries per months.

  2. Good step, I’m also doing keyword research for a client and like your stories. I want to tell you my experience too. According to my experience Google is source of all short and long tail keywords. Google keywords suggestions with search attributes + Google trends is the best method and works fine for me. Paid tools are good but crystal clear and 100% real cream you only can get using my above method.

  3. Appreciate all suggestions. I still believe on Keywords tool. Most of the traffic on my sites are longtail keywords.

  4. May be your explanation really true, google works with high quality keyword , using their guideline to reach more successfull strategy every time.

  5. Appreciate these series. There’s a lot of value for business owners in there. I should defintely spend more time becoming better at keyword research. This will be a great starting point for me I believe.

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