Building Quality Backlinks, Filters in Statcounter & Success Story #5

Backlinks to your webpages are among the top 3 factors for ranking in Google search. Here we show you how to attain quality backlinks for better SEO and more targeted traffic to your website.

In our June Success Story, Mike Pead talks about how networking with the WordPress community has helped grow his web design business.

And our easy guide on how to use Statcounter filters shows you how to separate the signal from the noise in your web traffic.

Learning Center

See how quality backlinks can improve your organic Google rankings.


Learn about the importance of backlinks for SEO and how to build quality backlinks that won’t get you penalized.

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Success Stories

How WordPress specialization drives business development at Primary Image.

Mike Pead

Primary Image is a web design and marketing agency based in Essex in south-east England. We spoke with founder and owner Mike Pead about how being an active member of the WordPress community helps drive sales and how he uses insights from Statcounter to proactively manage sales and support enquiries.

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Using Statcounter

Learn how to use filters in your reports to surface important information.

Statcounter Filters

Filters are a powerful feature that enable you to cut through the noise of your web traffic and surface the information you’re really interested in. Our guide shows you how and offers some useful examples.

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Further Reading

What we’ve been reading this month from around the web.

How To Create A Contact Page That Generates Leads
On the Learn Inbound blog, content marketer Robert Katai offers up some valuable tips on how to turn your contact page into a lead generating machine.

Nine Types of Meta Descriptions That Win More Clicks
Search Engine Watch have put together a detailed guide for creating meta descriptions that will increase your click through rates from search engine results.

Ten Basic SEO Tips to Index and Rank New Content Faster
Your website and email list are assets you own and control and as such are impervious to the volatility of social networks.

How do you use filters in Statcounter? Do you have any tips for acquiring backlinks to share? Thanks for reading and we welcome your feedback and suggestions in the comments below.


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