On-page optimization, Live Update & SEO myths to put to rest.

On-page optimization, Live Update & SEO myths to put to rest.

On-page optimization in 2019 is about optimizing for your visitors as much as for search engines. See how in our latest Learning Center guide.

Have you discovered Live Update in Statcounter? No need to keep refreshing your browser to see your latest visitor activity. Our latest Using Statcounter guide shows you how.

Photographers, are you up to date with the latest best practices for ranking in Google or are you still following SEO myths that could be damaging your rankings? Find out in our latest Exposure guide for photographers

Learning Center

On-page optimization tips for boosting your rankings and delighting your visitors in 2019.

On Page Optimization

Learn how to optimize your individual website pages and why optimizing for search engines is optimizing for visitors.

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Using Statcounter

Watch a live update of your visitors.

Give the refresh button a break and watch your visitor activity update automatically.

Live Update

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SEO Myths

In our October Exposure guide, professional photographer and digital marketing expert Jen Kiaba shows us the SEO myths to put to rest in 2019 and the most up to date best practices for ranking in Google.

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  2. From know I’ll Be Using Statcounter, Before I was using Yandex Metrica And I wasn’t much Pleased.

  3. This is some really good info. But the problem that I face is with the Off-page SEO. I think onpage is still better better but I find Off-page really tricky. Plz provide a guide on this as well.

  4. Really nice and good article . i think i am going to follow them. thanks for sharing this article and keep going on feature reader’s.

  5. Thanks for your sharing! The information your share is very useful to me and many people are looking for them just like me!

  6. This is a perfect guide those who are looking on-page optimization tips for boosting their search engine rankings and delighting their visitors. Very helpful indeed! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Great! I got many things about on-page SEO. I have a question like Internal link is good for a website but How outbound links are useful? Ultimately we just drive our website traffic to others websites.

  8. Thanks I found the guide helpful, having a target of posts being 4,000 or more words is a tough challenge though, but I can see the logic as more text means more potential phrase combinations, and better metrics like time on page as it takes several minutes to read through that many words.

  9. I’ll just be launching my personal website, so your recommendations will be very useful to me.

  10. I have used this latest 2019 op page optimization techniques and these are quite helpful.

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