Why it’s vital to create dedicated landing pages for your digital ad campaigns

Why it’s vital to create dedicated landing pages for your digital ad campaigns.

In our recent digital advertising survey, we asked if you utilise dedicated landing pages for your digital ad campaigns.

A whopping 44% of you said no, you don’t!


Today we hope to show you why post-click landing pages are a vital part of your digital ad campaigns and how a high converting landing page can increase your revenue without you having to increase your ad spend.

Customer acquisition costs are rising and everyone’s noticing it.

Attracting customers to your website is becoming increasingly difficult and costly. As we’ve previously discussed, SEO is getting harder due to Google sending less and less organic search traffic to websites.

Content marketing is also showing diminishing returns due to content saturation, increasing competition leading to higher standards and more in-depth articles and the rising costs of hiring talent. According to ProfitWell, the cost of acquiring new customers via content marketing has surpassed that of advertising.


Ads to the rescue?

To counter this, more businesses are embracing digital advertising and in particular paid search to help attract customers. It’s true that digital advertising can be a money pit if not understood and managed properly. However, it also has the potential to grow your business exponentially when integrated into your digital marketing strategy in an informed way.

Your homepage is not a landing page.

So, let’s say you’ve created your ad. If it’s a paid search ad, you’ve hopefully done some keyword research and you’ve carefully narrowed down the audience you believe will be most receptive to your message. What your visitors experience next when they arrive on your website is crucial.

Your homepage is possibly the worst page you could send your ad traffic to. Since homepages are typically a general hub of information and links that guide visitors to the multiplicity of different sections of your website, they lack the context and ad message match required to meet your ad visitors expectations. A dedicated post-click landing page will convert way better than any other page on your website.

Start with defining your conversion goals.

Before we get into how to design and build your landing page, let’s talk about the importance of defining a conversion goal. A conversion goal is the measurable action you want your visitors to take on your website after they click your ad. Your conversion goals will be your north star for everything from how you word your ad to the design of your landing page and how you measure success.

Some examples of conversion goals include:

  • Purchasing a product
  • Subscribing to your newsletter
  • Creating an account
  • Watching a video
  • Completing a form
  • Downloading a PDF
  • Requesting a quote
  • Booking an appointment

Digital ad campaigns work best when they have a single conversion goal and everything is framed through the lens of that goal.

What does a high converting post-click landing page look like?

Focus on a single purpose

Everything on your landing page should be guiding your visitor towards your conversion goal. Post-click landing pages are not about listing all the features of your product or every benefit of your service. The more focused you can be on your conversion goal, the more likely your page will convert.

Clear message match

Your landing page needs to match the message and context of your ad so that it meets your visitors expectations. Continuity of message and brand reassures your visitor they are in the right place.

Scannable content

Your visitors attention is limited so be respectful of their time and keep your page content to a minimum, breaking it up into digestible chunks using paragraphs, headings and lists.

No distractions

Homepages, blog posts and features / services pages are full of distractions and interesting things to explore that aren’t related to the ad your visitor clicked. The likelihood of a conversion on these pages is very low.

Where dedicated landing pages shine is in their ability to carry the message forward from the ad or promotion and guide your highly targeted visitor towards a conversion. Therefore, high converting landing pages typically do not include the site navigation and footer links normally found on the other pages on your site.

Social proof

Testimonials, ratings and reviews, company logos and awards can inspire your visitors to become part of the larger group who have had a positive experience with your business. Quality over quantity is best for landing pages so a few carefully selected items of social proof will go a long way.

Keep forms brief

If your conversion goal involves capturing an email address or any information that requires a form, use the absolute minimum amount of form fields. You are at the very beginning of your relationship with your customers here so don’t ask for any information that is non-essential. For example, if subscribing to your newsletter is your conversion goal, email address and first name are the only fields you need.

Display a clear call to action

Whether your call to action is to Subscribe to Newsletter or Book an Appointment or Create an Account, make this button or link stand out from the rest of your page using colour and size and make it the only call to action on your page.

Your form submit button should both inspire action and inform your visitors of what will happen next. The default “Submit” button does neither. Here are some tips for creating a high converting call to action button.

  • Make the button colour contrast with the rest of the page.
  • Make the button large.
  • Start the text with a verb.
  • Make it clear what happens next.

Here are some examples of strong call to action buttons:

  • Get The Free Guide
  • Subscribe To Newsletter
  • Download The Checklist

Landing page builders

Landing page builders enable you to create professional landing pages using a visual interface. No coding knowledge is required and they help you to get your landing page up and running quickly. Some popular landing page builders include:







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