What if you could see exactly what’s preventing your visitors from becoming customers?

What if you could see exactly what’s preventing your visitors from becoming customers?

Traditional analytics provide some good insights into the obstacles that prevent visitors becoming customers by revealing patterns like unusual navigation paths, bounced visits and abandoned forms.

However, this is only part of the story and as website owners, we are left with some major blind spots. Traditional analytics don’t answer the most important question, which is “Why?”.

  • Why are visitors dropping off at my checkout page?
  • Why are so few visitors making it past my landing page?
  • Why is nobody clicking my Call to Action button?
  • Why are visitors ignoring my popups?
  • Why do I have so many single-page-visits to my product pages?

Session replay gives you superpowers by answering all of these questions and more. It enables you to easily spot the areas of friction on your website that prevent your visitors from buying — areas of friction you are not even aware of!

How does it work?

Session Replay enables you to play back a visual recording of each visit to your website, just like a video, showing you exactly what your visitors saw and did in their browser as they navigated your site. It removes the guesswork from optimizing your site by letting you see visually how your visitors are clicking, tapping, scrolling and navigating.

Statcounter members have been using Session Replay to help convert more visitors into customers.

Queen of Threads is a vintage clothing eCommerce store run by Helen Diamond. Helen is using Statcounter’s new Session Replay feature to tweak her website to match her Instagram ad campaigns and has already seen an increase in sales from the changes she has made.

Queen of Threads

“My original Instagram ads were sending people to the homepage, and I guess I was kinda hoping they would find the shop. But watching Session Replay, I could see a lot of people would just go to the homepage, have a quick look and be done. So I tweaked my ads to land on the shop, so they didn’t have that extra step to take. And sales definitely converted up from doing that.”

— Helen, Queen of Threads

DBIO is a developer and supplier of hand-made surgical instruments for life science research. Session replay has revealed issues that visitors are encountering on mobile devices which weren’t apparent from looking at traditional stats. Craig is now improving the user experience for his mobile visitors.


“It has been incredibly interesting to be able to see how our website responds to visitors. We can see now that, for people using lower-resolution devices, it really doesn’t respond well. To see someone struggle with the website is quite an eye opener. That’s something we would never have known about had we not had access to Session Replay. Just from what we’ve seen so far, we’ll be making some pretty big changes.”

— Craig, DBIO

Caricatures Ireland by Allan Cavanagh is a popular site for wedding gifts. With Session replay, Allan was able to see some user experience issues with his ordering page that were preventing his customers from completing their orders. Based on the changes he made, he has seen an uptick in orders.

caricatures ireland by Allan Cavanagh

“I’ve actually made tweaks to my site within a couple of days of using Session Replay. I could see people weren’t really clicking the button on my order page. It wasn’t obvious that that was how to place an order. But since I changed the button, I definitely can see it. It’s made the use of the site easier for visitors, and more people have ended up clicking and ordering.”

— Allan, Caricatures Ireland by Allan Cavanagh

If you haven’t yet experienced the valuable insights Session Replay can bring to your business, you can try it now for free for a week.


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