Session Length Filter

Quickly find your engaged visitors with the new Session Length filter

Session Length is an important indicator for measuring how engaged your visitors are with your website, or how quickly they exit! Now you can filter by Session Length in Statcounter to explore your more engaged visitors or to examine sessions that were unexpectedly short.

For example, setting the Session Length filter to display sessions between 0 and 5 seconds will show you the visitors that didn’t engage with your landing page or potential bots and click fraud traffic.

Longer sessions with multiple page views will indicate more engagement and may warrant watching a session replay recording to see if these visitors were experiencing problems or if they reached their goal.

So whether you’re more interested in short or long sessions the new session length filter can save you time by creating a shortlist of sessions to explore further.

To filter by Session Length, go to Recent Activity > Visitor Activity in the left menu and select Filters, then Session Length.

Session Length Filter

The Session Length filter will appear with the range from 0 seconds to infinity along a non-linear scale.

Session Length Filter

Drag the sliders on either side to select the range of Session Lengths you wish to view.

Session Length Filter

Please note: if you created your Statcounter account prior to August 2016, this filter will be called “Visit Length”.


  1. In tried this counter and when the slider was moved nothing happened. I took it to 1 hour with no changes from 1 minute.
    I don’t know if it matters – I’m on a Windows 11 PC.

    1. We’ll need screenshots of what you are seeing. Can you contact us here about this:

  2. Hallo,
    mein Statcounter funktioniert nicht mehr. Ist er jetzt kostenpflichtig geworden?

    1. Hi Ronald, please contact us at and we will investigate it for you.

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