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Hi folks,

Here is a summary of some of the latest news from StatCounter.

Ads – New Networks

Advertising revenue allows us to fund our free service. Increasing our ad revenue allows us to invest in improving the service we offer. With this in mind, we have been running some new ad networks on StatCounter lately.

Further to last month’s blog post, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that we strive to ensure that only high quality advertising is shown on our site. However, as different adverts are shown on StatCounter in different parts of the world, here in StatCounter HQ we don’t actually see every advert shown to our members.

We are committed to providing the best service we can to our members so, if you see an inappropriate/intrusive/offensive advert, PLEASE let us know about it. With your help, we can ensure a better experience for all our members. We require the following information to identify and remove any nuisance ads:

  • Ad position – top or side
  • URL where ad is being seen
  • Geo location where ad was seen
  • Click url of ad

If possible please also take a screenshot of the ad. Although our support system does not allow attachments for security reasons, we will contact you directly to retrieve the image from you.

SC4 Update
sc41We know, we know… SC4 has been a long time coming but it IS coming!

When we began the beta phase of SC4, we asked for volunteers to test the service. When testing proved successful and various bugs were ironed out, we were faced with a dilemma… we had our new platform available and we had two options:

  1. We could keep the new system under wraps until we were ready to convert all the existing StatCounter projects to SC4 OR
  2. We could set all NEW projects created to SC4 immediately thus allowing new and existing members to benefit from the new features while we continued to work on the conversion

We chose to implement option 2 above. Although this means that we have been running two platforms side by side for over a year now, we do believe that this was the correct course of action to take as it allowed as many people as possible to gain the benefits of the new system.

Significant investments have been made in server technology and in strengthening our team and we are working flat out to make this new platform available to everyone.

Rather than risk problems or outages we have just had to take our time on this. Conversion to our new platform has taken much longer than we anticipated and for this we offer you our sincere apologies. We cannot wait to convert all projects to SC4 and we are so grateful to you for your patience as we continue work to achieve this.

PR Award

Earlier this year we launched StatCounter Global Statssimpson-logo21this free service provides market share stats for browsers, operating systems and search engines (including mobile). Within 2 weeks of launch, we were thrilled to achieve over 100,000 hits from over 100 countries.

Instrumental to the launch were the advice and assistance of our PR agent, Simpson FT PR. For this reason, we were delighted to hear that Ronnie Simpson and his team won the 2009 New Media PR Excellence Award for their work on the campaign. Well done all!

PRCA Awards – Simpson FTPR & StatCounter

Hi all,

Twelve months ago, we made a strategic decision at StatCounter and decided to engage a PR agent.

Although we had grown to a membership base of over 1.5 million based on word-of-mouth alone, we felt that with the aid of some PR we would be able to grow and improve the service even further. We were very conscious, however, of retaining strict control over StatCounter and the associated ethos and messages. We are ever-so-aware that StatCounter is the great service it is today as a result of your loyalty and support; we could not countenance, therefore, working with anyone who would not share or understand our dedication and loyalty to our members.

So the quest began to find a PR agent…

In a wonderfully serendipitous manner, we came to meet Ronnie Simpson of Simpson Financial and Technology PR, whose beliefs in client loyalty and ethics mirror those of StatCounter. Ronnie and his team have helped to “spread the word” about StatCounter (in addition to providing invaluable advice and assistance in a variety of ways) while always bearing in mind the strong principles on which StatCounter is based. We simply couldn’t have wished for a better PR agent.

We are thrilled, therefore, to let you know that Simpson FTPR and StatCounter have been nominated for a PRCA (PR Consultants Association) award. While both the PR agent and the client are jointly nominated for the award, this nomination is really a recognition of the excellent work that Simpson FTPR has done on our behalf over the last year.

We want to wish Ronnie and his team (especially Mary, Kerri and Jacinta) all the best with the nomination! We are also delighted to have been invited to attend the black-tie ceremony on 26 June so photos will follow afterwards…

In the meantime, you can read Ronnie’s blog here; visit the Simpson FTPR website here; or find out more about the PRCA awards here.


Photos as promised!

The Celebrations…

Last Night

For those of you who couldn’t make it to celebrate with us, here are some photos of the night! We all had a great time, with the party continuing into the wee small hours…

The Team were delighted to meet old friends and new. In particular, we were delighted to meet Robbie and Annie who kindly sent us over a tray of Baby Guinness to kickstart the party. We also met John, the owner of the Brazen Head, who gave us a bottle of champagne to toast the newly crowned Young Entrepreneur of the Year! To find out a bit more about the oldest pub in Dublin, click here. (And if you ever find yourself in Dublin, we’d highly recommend a visit!)

Note 1: Always drink responsibly 😉

Note 2: If you have a support question, please contact us here. We’d be more than happy to help! 🙂

The Results are in…

Hi Folks,

The results are in…

Aodhan is the BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneur of the Year!!

Check out the full story here.

Aodhan Cullen

The real winners of this award though, are YOU, the StatCounter members. Without your support, encouragement and feedback, StatCounter could not be the success it is today.

Sincere thanks to every single one of you.

To celebrate, some members of the StatCounter Team will be heading out this Friday, 20 July. We’re going to The Brazen Head pub on Bridge Street in Dublin, Ireland. We’ll be there from 9pm, so if you’re in the vicinity, drop in!

If you say hello to Aodhan himself (see the photo), he might even buy you a drink! 😉

NOTE: Don’t forget, if you need customer support, don’t post in the blog, please contact us here!

Vote for StatCounter!

Following on from Aodhan’s recent win at the ICT Excellence Awards, we are delighted to let you know that ‘the man behind StatCounter’ has now been nominated for a BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneur Award!

As this award is based on an online poll, we need YOU to vote for Aodhan and StatCounter now!

Here’s a few words from the man himself:

Vote for StatCounter!

Please click here to vote now!

Update: Voting has closed. Thank you all for your support of StatCounter! Results will be announced next week.