Paypal – time to go?

Hi all, We are writing this post because, despite continued efforts on our part, Paypal have still not resolved an issue that cropped up for us on 15 May and that affects some of you, … Continued

You say tomato…

…I say “tomato”… You say “check”… …I say “cheque”… …but whatever way you spell it, we are delighted to let you know that you can now upgrade your StatCounter account via a check/cheque payment! Check/Cheque … Continued

Nasty Adverts – HELP!

Hi Folks, Just under 1 year ago, we explained how different adverts are shown on StatCounter in different parts of the world. This means that here in StatCounter HQ, we don’t actually get to see … Continued

Could it be you?!

Hi folks, We’re hiring! Applications were open until midnight GMT on Sunday 20 April – APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED – thank you to all who applied. Applicants will initially be hired for a trial period. … Continued

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