Vote for StatCounter!

Following on from Aodhan’s recent win at the ICT Excellence Awards, we are delighted to let you know that ‘the man behind StatCounter’ has now been nominated for a BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneur Award!

As this award is based on an online poll, we need YOU to vote for Aodhan and StatCounter now!

Here’s a few words from the man himself:

Vote for StatCounter!

Please click here to vote now!

Update: Voting has closed. Thank you all for your support of StatCounter! Results will be announced next week.

633 comments on “Vote for StatCounter!

  1. I tried to vote for 3 days (verification code have a problem with Firefox), today I finally done. Thanks for great service, Aodhan! I hope you win!

  2. Unfortunately modern internet voting technology does not allow one to pursue a much honoured voting tradition of my youth in the West of Ireland – that of voting early, and often. So….. I have been able to vote only once, but being a promoter of networking and a believer in the power of wom I have passed the word along.
    Beir Bua Is Beannacht!

  3. I already voted! The StatCounter tool is invaluable to me for ensuring that my websites work well together and feed efficiently and effectively into each other. Thank you!

  4. Aodhan, if my YahooMail account had not BULKED your notification, I’d have voted on this poll MUCH sooner.

    Good thing I had the patience to sift & find the
    among the over 200 spams.


    Note that I have also been using a parallel counter/tracker, but StatCounter is way superior.

    To give a current example, the former only displays keywords starting May 27th, whereas StatCounter’s includes approx. two more pages of keywords from May 24th.

    And there’s SO much more that’s cool about yours.
    You definitely deserve an award/reward/and everything nice!

  5. In the West of Ireland of my youth there was a school of thought that you should vote early, and often.
    Such days are gone. I have cast my one vote but as a believer in the power of networks and as an advocate of WOM marketing have also spread the word.

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