March 2019 Newsletter

XML Sitemaps Uncovered, Success Story #2 — March 2019 Newsletter


Hope everyone’s March is off to a good start!

In this month’s Success Story, we talk to George Bounacos from Silver Beacon Marketing about digital marketing and building audiences for small businesses and non profits.

Our latest Learning Center guide shows you the benefits of an XML site map and how to implement one.


Success Stories

We spoke with George Bounacos, co–founder and COO of Silver Beacon Marketing about his approach to digital marketing and how he uses Statcounter to help nonprofits and SMBs build their audiences online.

George Bounacos - Silver Beacon Marketing

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Learning Center

Learn how to help search engines understand your website structure and know which pages to crawl by implementing an XML sitemap.

XML Sitemaps

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Further Reading

What we’ve been reading this month from around the web.

How to Do SEO Yourself: A Comprehensive Guide to Keyword Research
Our favourite digital marketing podcast discusses keyword research.

What is a Landing Page? Converting Visitors to Actions in 2019
A comprehensive rundown on the different types of landing pages and when to use each type, from Tyson Quick, CEO and Founder of Instapage.

The 1-Page Marketing Plan
Allan Dib’s book on direct response marketing is a must read for small and medium sized businesses on a budget. From Lead capture to marketing automation, it shows how to manage the sales funnel in an easy to understand and down to earth manner.

The Ultimate WordPress Security Guide – Step by Step
WPBeginner shows you how to batten down the hatches with these best practices for protecting your WordPress website against hackers and malware.

3 Powerful Strategies for Pain-Free Client Relationships
“Poor client connections are usually a result of unclear boundaries, lousy communication, or a mismatch in your marketing strategy.” Three strategies from Copyblogger to help reduce friction in client relationships.


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  1. The XML Sitemaps is necessary item to handle a blog for right indexing. Good info thanks.

  2. So does that mean we should use the google xml sitemap for all our content types?

  3. The XML Sitemaps is necessary item to handle a blog for right indexing. Good info thanks.

  4. I find the information contained herein helpful, and I want to commend the designer of this platform for a job well done.

  5. This post help me a lot to understand the importance of site map in seo google indexing thank you for writing ans sharing valuable post.

  6. Very nice article on sitemaps. Please keep updating such useful info in future too.

  7. Thank you very much for providing some tools to create a sitemap and how to submit it to Google. I successfully have followed these steps. 🙂

  8. Did you have any idea bout google news sitemap? shall we use it?

    1. If your site has been accepted for inclusion in Google News, a Google News Sitemap is a good idea. Otherwise, it won’t be processed by Google. To request inclusion, you can follow the steps here:

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