StatCounter Celebrations!

We are thrilled to announce that the StatCounter founder, Aodhan Cullen, has been named the Young IT Person of the Year at the ICT Excellence Awards!

Aodhan set up StatCounter at 16 years of age. A born entrepreneur, he has been running businesses of various kinds from the age of 12 when he set up his own résumé-typing business.

As a young teen, Aodhan dabbled in website design. It was this experience that sowed the seeds for him to develop StatCounter.

“The website is fantastic – thanks Aodhan…but is anyone actually visiting it?”

In response to this question which was repeatedly asked by his web design clients, Aodhan decided to set up StatCounter.

StatCounter currently has over 1.3 million members and tracks 9 billion pageloads per month across its network of 2 million websites.

In the words of one of the latest StatCounter members “if you want a counter that’s easy to install, easy to understand, provides many important stats for your website, that’s invisible, and free, you would do well to give StatCounter a try”.


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128 Responses to StatCounter Celebrations!

  1. warm says:

    I too use rather long and is rather pleased

  2. Congratulations! I have been very happy with StatCounter!

  3. Congratulations, Aodhan, you really deserve this award!

    Adit is a paying Statcounter user for over 3 years now and promotes your service to it’s customers. We all love your excellent high quality service, and the way your team continuously adds interesting features suggested by members.

    The long list of useful StatCounter features and your client oriented approach combined with your high ethical standards really make StatCounter a unique expercience.

    So congratulations to the whole team, and keep up the wonderful work!
    ADIT Web Services, Belgium

  4. Karen Mc says:

    A hundred and one congratulations Aodhan. Well done. Serious achievement.

  5. pat r says:

    Aodhan, you are the man! Glad to see you getting the credit you deserve. Your statcounter site is a shining example of what the web can be in the hands of intelligent, thoughtful persons with integrity. I wish you continued success in all of your endeavors.

  6. Sam says:

    Great job m8 😛

    Good to see some honest people getting these awards 😛

    Not those jerks like Bill Gates etc

  7. Joao Rubim says:

    My congratulations! And my thanks for your free and wonderful service. Hope you continue to have a bright and rewarding career!

  8. Ron says:

    you’re the man…

    – Ron Reyes

  9. diseño web says:

    Thanks for the great news! Well done Aodhan! Congratulations!
    Estamos muy satisfechos con su servicio, nosotros hemos contratado más ampliaciones de pago.

    ProfesionalNet Diseño Web – Spain

  10. cus_snowa says:

    thanks for your statcounter servise

  11. mirc says:

    Congrats man! You rock!!! 🙂

  12. Daniel Land says:

    I think Aodhan has done a great job on his own and this silly award does not reach the same level. The work is great irrespective of who writes it on a shiny trophey and tells it to the media. I think the ‘excellence awards’ are just trying to pinch some of the success and ride with the glory that lingers around real good service.

  13. isa says:

    ben türkiyede yaşıyorum 21 yaşındayım 1.80 boyunda ela gözlü yakışıklı biriyim kısacası rus bayanlar çok hoşuma gidiyor ve onlarla evlenmek istiyorum

  14. Congratulations!


  15. Thanks for the information. This is very useful

  16. Helmut says:

    I agree with Daniel Land that some awards are just hanging onto the coat tail of a real winner.

    But the next award Aodhan can win is a true measure of his achievement:

    Vote for him! Helmut

  17. Many congrats and may Statcounter’s success continue !

  18. hundred congratulations to Aodhan ! Well done.

  19. Gavin says:

    Excellent work Aodhan and congratulations.

    I’ve been using Statcounter for the past two years and find it one of the best site stats there is.

    Keep up the great work and best of luck for the future.

  20. umuvi says:

    I’m a big fan of Aodhan! Love your work, which is getting greater and greater! And it’s everything that SE can’t achieved.

  21. Butor says:

    Thanks for service! It is the best site stats, what i have been seen…

  22. Aria Rajasa says:

    excellent work! Will be looking forward on your work

  23. Chriseo says:

    You told: “if you want a counter that’s easy to install, easy to understand, provides many important stats for your website, that’s invisible, and free, you would do well to give StatCounter a try”!

    You don’t know how right you’re with that. In the beginning of requesting counting tools from my mates I was thinking a lot about the possibilities. We tried out some pay-services, but is till today the best opportunity.

    THANKS A LOT Aodhan!

  24. Jakob says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title StatCounter Celebrations!. Thanks for informative article

  25. Befektetés says:

    Statcounter is really nice but I do prefer the Google Analytics 😉

  26. Clement says:

    Well done, Aodhan! I foresee great things in your life! Keep it up.