Chrome Grabs 1% in One Day!

According to research conducted by us here at StatCounter, Google’s new browser, Chrome, has taken 1% of the global browser market within a day of launch.

Google’s unusual step of publicising the Chrome browser on its notoriously clutter-free homepage is an indication of the plans that Google has for this browser…

“This is a phenomenal performance,” commented Aodhan Cullen, “this is war on Microsoft but the big loser could be Firefox.”

While Google may have the Internet Explorer market share in its sights, the fact that many Firefox users are more “mobile” as far as browser use is concerned, may impact on the current Firefox market share.

Note: The StatCounter analysis was conducted today, Wednesday, 03 September 2008, and was based on a sample of 18.5 million page views globally. The analysis identified that Internet Explorer holds 70% of the global browser market followed by Firefox with 22%.

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  1. I see a lot about how it will affect Firefox and IE…how about Safari? Even though Safari isn’t as compatible with some things as Firefox I like it a lot and am hoping it will get more recognition so it does become more compatible. I do use a lot of Google tools and find them useful but hope they’ll remain browser friendly to Safari rather than put all their attention to Chrome.

  2. @dwex – exactly. It just shows how many people actually read the fine print. It’s harder and harder to have “Google” and “Privacy” in the same sentence. I am sticking with Firefox.

  3. Im not even going to install this crap. Google is just out to expose what you do browsing wise and i cant see it doing any good.

    Google needs to upgrade there SEARCH ENGINE.. you know what there site is popular for instead of sticking there nose in something they have no idea about. Any old joe can make a crappy browser.

  4. I find it very useful a fast browser than internet explorer and firefox. I have noted one thing that i use internet explorer and firefox and my windows slow down as i open more pages using these browsers but using google chrome it doesn’t happened! I LOVE IT!

  5. Chrome is fast, but looks and feels like a faster thinner copy of Opera.

    …I think FF users are loyal, but who “loves” IE? Given that the majority of the market uses IE browser and Google searches, they might well see the Chrome link on Google and say “what’s that? I’ll try it coz we all know Google is good”. I predict Chrome will take equal amounts from both, or maybe a little more from IE.

    Chrome loads graphical content on pages better than all other browsers… but had a couple of bugs/letdowns. 1) it doesn’t handle transparency and opacity at the same time — see the much admired “coda popup bubble” ( — mouseover on download icon: fine in Opera and FF, bad in IE, hmmm in Chrome). Also I came across another browser history problem specific to Chrome when trying a jQuery plugin on one of my sites.

    …otherwise Chrome is very nice. But as someone else said, I kinda resent Google dominating everything I do. I’ll keep with Opera… and use Firefox Firebug for debugging. Stick it to the Man!

  6. Chrome – my default browser since one day 🙂
    Fast — Accurate —- lovely.
    Guess what, as a web developer i dont need to make my sites Chrome compatible since they already are Mozilla compatible.

    Page load is faster. Screen view area is fantastic. Love this browser…… just like GTALK , Chrome too is fast on PC resources

  7. Incognito window is good.

    And Yeah…. it doesnt have any widgets or add-ons.

    God knows what will happen if we add all the add-on componets. Wish google maintains browser speed.

  8. At what frequency, will you be doing this kind of research? It will be interesting to watch the trend as we go along.Like others have said, Firefox is the biggest loser. Releasing a new browser is not the best way to fight IE. I am of the view that making open source operating systems more user friendly and secure will do the trick. If more users switch from Windows to Linux, then IE and most of Microsoft products will die!

    StatCounter Team Response:
    Hi Clement,

    With the response we are receiving to our research, we are certainly going to look at releasing some numbers more often!

    Thanks for your support.

  9. Chrome is fast, wow I’m really impressed with the speed. Can’t really tell how it compares to FF yet, but it does seem to render much, much quicker. Only one client site is breaking, so I’m happy!

    Agree with posters above about FF extensions, that will keep me on FF because they are just so useful.

  10. Google Chrome will kick ie’s ass.Google’ll kick microsoft ass.Google chrome is faster than every browser i’ve been seen.Amazing speed.I’cant imagine next version than this.

  11. Firefox won’t be collecting the passwords. Will the global collector Google do this? By default the answer is a big NO, in contracts.. Okay, meet the new planet: The Google World !!!! You are being installed to google’s earth in a moment, please wait…….

  12. Google will get #1 in browser category. an’t really tell how it compares to FF yet, but it does seem to render much, much quicker. Only one client site is breaking, so I’m happy!

  13. Chrome is nice looking, but i’m not sure how functional it is.
    When using chrome while posting to a forum I noticed that every word I typed was underlined in RED.
    Now in FF that means a spelling error, but in chrome even a capitol “I” was underlined!
    Also, redering of large text on my blog showed rendering issues on the curves of letters such as “D” & “S”, with the text being jagged.
    I like the cleanliness of the bwowser, giving more space for the page rather than once tool bar after another.
    Has anyone tried IE8 yet? I think THAT is the way FF and Chrome, amongst others, need to be heading.

  14. I very much doubt that it’s “taken” 1%, just borrowed it on launch day while people tried it out. It still has many flaws and I don’t expect many people will be using it on a daily basis just yet.

  15. Some reporting agencies have stated it was over 2% in the first day. Still whether 1%, 2%, 2.79% – it doesn’t matter. Chrome is Google’s and we know everyone (almost everyone) loves anything Google.

    I think the tabs feature is a great selling point. Incognito feature? Not anything new really.

    Yesterday, I was called at home to be interviewed on my opinions about Google Chrome by our local NEWS 6. For what it was worth, I went with it.
    I gave my personal view that I believe Chrome is definitely IN.

    I gave StatCounter a plug and Mr. Cullen, and referred them to stay updated by visiting StatCounter. She told me she would.

    Thanks for the hard numbers and stats StatCounter.

  16. Well, that didn’t take long. Google has revised their EULA to remove the odious language. I’m sure it was just a “mistake”

  17. The way Google Chrome was introduced was excellent and that was innovative idea to explain the features in a comic way .. I loved it. As a basic user I (of course not in office) didn’t find much reasons to leave FF which is more handy. As a technical users (In Office) features like JavaSript Runtime (V8), per process for a tab, security enhancements, pop optimization, ect where excellent idea.

    But these are only missing features in FF, if they update accordingly in next version of FF then no need of Chrome ?

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