Official WordPress Plugin for StatCounter

For all you users out there, we’re delighted to announce the release of our official WordPress Plug-In – this will allow you to easily install StatCounter on your blog and enjoy the full range of StatCounter stats!

We’ve also updated the install guide for to make it easier for you to add a html-only counter to your blog.


How do I use the StatCounter plug-in?

  • Log into your StatCounter account.
  • Click the wrench icon beside your project name.
  • Click the ‘install’ code link.
  • Follow the wizard and when asked for your web editor choose “”.
  • Follow the remaining instructions and hey presto!

How do I add StatCounter to my blog?

  • Log into your StatCounter account.
  • Click the wrench icon beside your project name.
  • Click the ‘install’ code link.
  • Follow the wizard and when asked for your web editor choose “”
  • Follow the remaining instructions and Bob’s your uncle!

What’s is the version of wordpress that YOU host on your own server. This means you have full access to modify the blog template as you wish i.e. you can add the full StatCounter javascript code.

What’s is the version of wordpress that WORDPRESS hosts on its servers. This means that access to modify the blog template is restricted according to what wordpress allows i.e. you can only install the StatCounter html-only code.

What’s a html-only counter?
Where you can’t install a full javascript counter, StatCounter offers you the option to install a html-only counter. While a html-only counter can’t offer you the same range of stats as the full code can, it does provide you with information on hits, browsers, location of visitors. You need to install the full javascript code to see referrers – the html counter can’t capture this information.

Why won’t wordpress allow javascript code?
For security reasons wordpress don’t allow you to install javascript code on blogs hosted by them i.e. blogs. We’re sure though that, if enough of you request the full StatCounter code on your blogs, then Matt & Co would be happy to oblige! We would certainly be happy to work with wordpress on this. So get emailing and don’t forget to pop back here to let us know how you get on!

PS: Thanks to Luke Stevenson for developing the first StatCounter plug-in for wordpress!

Update: Any problems installing the plugin? Let us know!
A few members had trouble installing the plugin. We believe this may have been a problem with the difference between return characters in windows and unix. If you try to download and install the plugin again it should work now. If it is still not working for you we would love to investigate the problem for you. Please send us the login details of your blog and server and a report of the problem you are experiencing.


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  2. Think I’m being thick!

    I have a blog and not a blog hosted from the route. I’ve installed Statcounter but many of the reporting features don’t show detail – is this expected or have I made a mess of my StatCounter installation?

  3. Thanks for providing the plugin.

    with regards to putting the code in footer:

    If we are changing the theme we must add plugin to new theme. 🙂

  4. Ebben igazatok van tényleg – Very nice plugin… Thanks!

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  6. The site”s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment – maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!

  7. I’m confused with the statcounter codes and wordpress themes. All I am recording for stats are every page load as a unique visitor. My unique visitors and Page Loads increment exactly the same.

    I have tried both the plugin and pasting the code into my footer.php

    Is there something else I’m missing?
    Any response would be greatly appreciated

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  9. what about can we use statcounter easily with our company blogs?

    thanks so much,

    StatCounter Team Response:

    You can of course Sandy – just log into your StatCounter account and create a new project.

    Follow the instructions in the “Install Code” wizard.

    Under “Installation Options” you will be asked to “please choose your Blog/Web Page Editor” – pick blogger from the list and away you go!

  10. Excellent plugin for wordpress users plus easy installation guide.

    I give you 5 stars…

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