Session Replay Official Public Launch

Session Replay Official Public Launch!

We’re very excited today to announce the official public launch of session replay for statcounter! Now everyone can gain incredible understanding and empathy of their website visitors without needing a degree in digital marketing.

So if you have friends, family or colleagues who are time-strapped website business owners, ask them if they’d like to see their website as they’ve never seen it before — through the eyes of their visitors as they are using it. Send them to for a free 30 day trial.

How Session Replay Was Born

In our 2019 member survey, we asked which new feature our members would most like to see in Statcounter. Session Replay topped the poll by a sizable margin and so we put our heads together to begin designing and building a tool that would enable you to watch back recordings of your visitors navigating your website.

Statcounter members were directly involved in shaping the direction of this Session Replay by engaging in our early access beta program and giving us invaluable feedback throughout the development process.

In the summer of 2020, we made Session Replay available to existing Statcounter members as an optional add-on feature. The uptake has been mesmerizing and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

From eCommerce store owners to photographers, web designers to real estate agents, Session Replay has helped website owners across the board see the struggle of their visitors and highlight the obstacles that were preventing them from converting. As we continued to roll out Session Replay, we got to find out all of the different ways Statcounter members are using it and how it’s impacting their websites.

Allan Cavanagh

“I’ve actually made tweaks to my site within a couple of days of using Session Replay. I could see people weren’t really clicking the button on my order page. It wasn’t obvious how to place an order. But since I changed the button and made the site easier to use for visitors, more people have ended up clicking and ordering.”
— Allan Cavanagh,

Amy Hoff

“Session Replay just blew us away. We recently redesigned our website and assumed we understood how customers would navigate it. Watching visitor’s actions, it became clear right away that people were confused and seeing how they moved about the site helped us rearrange some important placements.

It was clear that visitors were frustrated when they tried to click on things that were not clickable; icons that looked clickable but weren’t. This allowed us to redesign a few things to create a more user friendly navigation and in the end a better visitor experience. We would never have been able to identify these issues without Session Replay. It really has been brilliant in that respect.”
— Amy Hoff,

Since we released the first version of Session replay, we’ve made additional improvements to enhance both functionality and performance, including:

  • A toggle switch to skip inactive periods on during playback.
  • A share feature that creates a special URL for sharing recordings outside of Statcounter.
  • Improved representation of touch interactions on mobile.
  • A new Session Replay filter on Visitor Activity and Visitor paths to show only sessions with a recording.
  • Many bug fixes and speed improvements

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions for how we can improve Session replay, let us know at

If you haven’t yet tried session replay, you can do so here:


  1. Nice work! Session replay is such an amazing tool. You think your website is easy to navigate…and then you watch a few replays 🙂 Congrats!

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