How is removing visitor frustrations and increasing conversions with Session Replay

How is removing visitor frustrations and increasing conversions with Session Replay

Website owners use Statcounter to solve many different types of problems, from lead generation and detecting ad click fraud, to getting deeper insights into visitor behaviour and understanding why visitors aren’t converting.

One such Statcounter member is FitKit, a wellness brand that provides kits for fitness, nutrition, and stress management to organizations, employer groups, hospitals, universities and government agencies.

FitKit was co-founded in 2011 by sisters Amie Hoff and Beth Wieczorek. Their goal was to create a business to simplify wellness and inspire people to live healthy, happy and active lifestyles.


The website homepageThe website homepage

Initially selling direct-to-consumer, FitKit has evolved into a primarily B2B business, providing their wellness kits in volume to high profile corporate clients such as Kaiser Permanente, Dell and the NBA.

The ability to brand all of their products with a client’s logo and ship individually to end-users gives them an edge in the promotional products space, especially at a time when so many employees are working from home.

Their website showcases a growing range of wellness kits and functions both as a sales tool and as a resource hub for end-users of their products, including nutrition and fitness plans, video tutorials and an exercise library to help end-users get the most out of their products.

One of the several fitness kits designed and sold by FitKitOne of the several fitness kits designed and sold by FitKit

We spoke with CEO, Amie Hoff about the FitKit website, using Statcounter to see when a client or a potential buyer is visiting, and how Statcounter’s new Session Replay feature has helped uncover and fix user experience issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Amie switched from Google Analytics to Statcounter when Google stopped displaying detailed information about individual visitors.

“When Google Analytics eliminated parts of their platform, we no longer had access to certain important information and needed a solution. We joined a Google Group where others in the same situation suggested a number of platforms that might offer the site traffic metrics we needed. Statcounter was the most user friendly with very robust metrics. The way Statcounter is designed, you can view the basics but also drill down and get pretty comprehensive information. To me that was key. Many other platforms are overwhelming but Statcounter allows you to pick and choose the information you want to see and how you want to see it.”

Statcounter’s Visitor Activity and Visitor Paths reports help Amie spot a potential buyer, gauge their level of interest and see exactly which content and products they are considering, prior to making contact.

“In reviewing Session replay, we were able to identify a visitor on our website for 25 minutes. The visitor viewed a number of products in detail and eventually submitted a quote request form. Because a visitor can only submit one product quote at a time, seeing how they navigated the site gave us the opportunity to offer price quotes on the other products as well.”

Playing back a visitor’s session using Session Replay in StatcounterPlaying back a visitor’s session using Session Replay in Statcounter

When the Session Replay trial became available in Statcounter, Amie tried it more out of curiosity than due to any particular problem that needed attention. Having just completed a redesign of, it was an opportunity to see how the design was being received by visitors.

“Session Replay just blew us away. We recently redesigned our website and assumed we understood how customers would navigate it. Watching visitor’s actions, it became clear right away that people were confused and seeing how they moved about the site helped us rearrange some important placements.

It was clear that visitors were frustrated when they tried to click on things that were not clickable; icons that looked clickable but weren’t. This allowed us to redesign a few things to create a more user friendly navigation and in the end a better visitor experience. We would never have been able to identify these issues without Session Replay. It really has been brilliant in that respect.”

One of the content pages on Fitkit.comOne of the content pages on

Session Replay also helps Amy to see the products and content her visitors are most interested in so she can edit content accordingly and prioritize the placement of buttons and links for maximum engagement.

“It really helps us understand which products are popular and which content people are looking at the most. You know, we were also stunned to learn where people slow down and read and other places where they just scroll past. So it helped us identify areas on our website that needed to be adjusted for the end user to find the information they’re looking for. People don’t have a lot of time. We originally put things at the bottom of the page because we wanted them to see the whole page before they got to that information. But that’s just frustrating. So we’ve rearranged things. Now, once people find the information they want, if it’s something they’re interested in, then they’ll look through the rest of the page.

Session Replay has been extremely helpful. We’ve identified the pain points on our website and have fixed them, and immediately see the difference.”

If you haven’t yet experienced the valuable insights Session Replay can bring to your business, you can try it now for free for a week.


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  2. Stat counter also help us to increase our conversion and session replay. Softlay has also shifted from analytics to stats counter a year ago.

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