Launch of Free Global Stats Tool

StatCounter is delighted to announce the launch of our new free Global Stats tool. The tool records market share of Search Engines, Browsers and Operating Systems including mobile.


You can use StatCounter Global Stats to monitor issues such as:

  • how Google’s new browser Chrome is doing against Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • how the iPhone is succeeding against traditional market leader Nokia in the mobile browser market – see iPhone Takes Global Lead in Mobile Browser Wars press release

Click here to access StatCounter Global Stats!


The analysis is currently based on four billion pageloads per month and is updated approximately five times per day.

Users can:

  • Create and customize charts
  • Download graphs
  • Access the raw data
  • Sign up for alerts

“This is probably the most comprehensive global web analysis you can get and certainly for free,” commented former Gartner senior executive, Oisin Byrne who now heads independent tech research company, iReach. “StatCounter is shaking up the web research market by being able to provide such comprehensive statistics at no cost to users.”

There is no charge for use of the data or charts but users must reference StatCounter as the source.


Press Queries to:
Kerri Crowley/Ronnie Simpson (Simpson Financial & Technology PR)


  1. Good Job !
    Good site !
    Great Tool !
    Great Help !

    Thank you and best of Luck Guys !

  2. I’m the nutcase type who drives your graphs into oblivion because I use three primary browsers and another one occasionally. I wonder how your stats take such contrarians like me into consideration. I like the graphics of IE7 the best. IE8 has way too many bugs in it. If anyone loads it and needs to get it off Vista 64bit, I can tell you how. MS Vista Help didn’t even know how to do it. They said I would have to reload my computer. Not. I figured it out. Simple but delicate and it can be done.

  3. Very informative indeed. It’s very useful for tracking the trends and might be helpful for future updates of StatCounter 🙂 Thanks a lot 🙂

  4. StatsCounter is one of my most favourite tracking tool… Now with global stats, i will be liking it even more..


    Highly appreciated.

  5. Thank you for this free service. It has helped me a lot in analyzing what I need to do to increase traffic. The graph is easy to read too.

  6. mmm I was expecting more than just this… :(.. how about a keyword discovery tool or a graph of something like google trends?

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  8. Thanks for providing this stats service – a great service especially on the mobile browser segmentation. There’s an interesting thread going on over at on the momolondon yahoo group @ – you’ll have to sign up to see the thread, but if you’re into mobile then it’s a very active group and well worth joining. It is essentially discussing mobile access stats between StatCounter / AdMob and Bango. iPhone / iTouch play very high on StatCounter and pretty high on AdMob, but is way down on the list for Bango. This is due to iPhone devices accessing PC sites (a.k.a non-mobile-ready sites) as well as mobile-ready sites, but it shows a great trend on how the iPhone has impacted the way that people accessing the web from their mobile.

  9. Surprisingly, its also a lot more useful than other paid services over the internet.

  10. Statcounter is the first thing I set up on on any new roofing contractor sites. I love knowing what is going on instantly. These new global stats are only updated 5 times a day, but in the world of global stats that is very “instant”.

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  12. Statcounter is the best bargain on the Internet today. You can’t beat “Free”, can you? Surprisingly, its also a lot more useful that most tools that I’ve paid for. It provides just about everything that I need to track the progress of my advertising campaigns.

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