NEW: URL Filter

Have you ever spent time combing through the Popular Pages stats looking for one particular web page? Not any more….

With the new URL filter on Popular Pages you can search for any page or subset of pages on your site quickly and easily.

  • Simply enter your URL (or partial URL) in the filter box.

  • Click “Update” and that’s it!

NOTE: This feature is available in the “New StatCounter“. Try it now and send us your feedback!

39 comments on “NEW: URL Filter

  1. looks like a great tool, thanks for the information, i am happy i found you guys and able to use your services, and be your client, i should learn more about what you offer, i am sure you have many great things on your far it has been great using stat counter!

  2. I love the features of the new StatCounter. Especially, the new hourly stats option, recent visitor activity, keyword analysis options, showing keyword search ranks in Google, the search engines and browsers stats options and of course, the one you have posted above. Just one suggestion (or rather query) here: can you also show the search ranks of the keywords searched in other search engines as well, besides Google?

    Overall, a very helpful, effective but easy to use beta StatCounter experience! And, I am eagerly waiting to see the finalized output when it comes out of beta. Thanks. Daniel.

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