StatCounter Apps for iOS and Android

We’re pleased to announce the launch of StatCounter apps for iOS and Android.* These apps are free to download and use. Get your app now from iTunes or Google Play.

Enter your username and password** in the app and view an array of familiar StatCounter reports.

  • Compare your traffic trends for this week versus last week
  • Examine recent visitors
  • View your most popular pages
  • Check where your traffic came from
  • Plus much more


We hope you enjoy using the new app. In-app ads can be removed at any point simply by upgrading your StatCounter account. Please send your feedback, feature requests and suggestions via the feedback form within the app or via this form.

* The app has been developed to work with iOS 6.1 and later and Android 2.3 and later. For mobile users without a supported Android or iOS device you can still continue to use the mobile site at

**Log in with the username and password you use for your main StatCounter account.


  1. It would be really nice to have a Windows app also. It can’t really take that much more to program. Thank.

  2. I am Waiting Long Time For this App . Great Work Stat Counter . Very Very thanks .
    i will Download Apps Now .

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  4. If we need to revert to a older version, will that be possible from the app or archive from your site? This will save me from creating a Nandroid just to revert later on.

  5. Just been to iTunes using my Mini iPad and can see the app but can’t download it via the app store. I had to use safari and do a search for the page!

    One of the problems is the CAPS ARE SHOUTING!
    Another is that the app is set up for portrait format only – and I’m using it on an iPad Mini which I invariably use in landscape mode.

  6. Good news for the webmasters and website owners.
    Thanks for launching StatCounter for mobile devices!

  7. Good job on the app! We’ve been waiting long for this app!
    Are you planning on developing a widget for Android too? That would be really cool and useful – similar to Google Adsense widget.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. What would you like to see in an Android widget?

      1. Thanks for replying.
        It would be great if widget could show total daily page views and unique visitors per projects (so you don’t have to open the app every time you want to check the stats). Simple as that. And maybe give an option to select favorite / primary project which is always displayed on top of widget. Something like this:

        primary project1:
        1000 page views so far today
        500 unique visitors so far today
        4000 page views so far today
        1500 unique visitors so far today
        10000 page views so far today
        4000 unique visitors so far today


  8. I have installed the app but it does not accept my login details.

    I have used no special characters, just aphanumerics

    1. Are you using the iOS or Android version?

      If you are using Android do you have the latest update for the StatCounter app (version 1.04) installed?

  9. hello, i have installed the app on my gf’s samsung galaxy core android phone but it seems its not working. it says “no data”

  10. We need Windows Phone app also, Mobile website is OK, but we need Windows Phone app so that we don’t have to visit your website.

  11. I just installed the new StatCounter app on my Android phone but it’s not accepting my login details.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Do you use special characters in your password? If so, we have a fix for that bug submitted to Google Play already. It should be available for download shortly.

      1. I have same problem. No special characters replays “login failed”
        same user and psw working on m.statcounter

        1. Hi Matti,

          Are you using the Android app? Do you have the latest release (1.04) installed?

          1. Can you please contact us. We’d like to debug this further with you.

          2. Same problem cannot login and I use no special characters.

            Samsung Note 3, just downloaded your latest app from Android store and it was broken. Logged on via chrome to website with no problems.

    2. I’m having the exact problem. The OS is up to date, but the app doesn’t accept my login. I’ve gone through the comments. Was this fix posted somewhere, and I’ve missed it?

  12. StatCounter Apps for iOS and Android mobiles, This app ideas is very good and i apprehend this excellent app. Plz tell me how many site adding in this app because my 8 website live in Google index…

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