How to use filters to view stats by location

Filters is a powerful tool that we launched 2 years ago. It allows you to filter any of the StatCounter stats to answer many different questions about your visitors.

A common request we get into support, is how to filter the stats by location i.e. how do I only view view visitors from the US? Rory from the StatCounter team made this video to show how easy it is to do. Please set the video to full screen and highest video quality for best viewing!

16 comments on “How to use filters to view stats by location

  1. I’m new to this marketing instrument – maybe its a good idea to add some category section with video tutorials for fast knowledge pointing out the main things to use.

  2. Hey guys as usual a very useful feature to have explained. As with Justin I too had never really looked at filters but now with being able to look at stats by location i will definitely have a look at it.

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