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SEO is getting harder & how to optimize for conversions.

Search engine optimization is getting harder as Google sends less and less traffic to websites from its search engine results pages. Our latest guide show you how to find opportunities within Google’s SERP features to optimize and encourage more clicks to your website.

Professional photographer and digital marketer Jen Kiaba shows you how to optimize your photography website for conversions with these conversion best practices.

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SEO is getting harder. What can you do about it?

SEO is getting harder. What can you do about it?

Don’t rely on traditional organic search results alone for clicks to your website. Learn how to optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets, Local Pack, Knowledge Graph, Top Stories and more

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How to optimize your photography website for conversions.

How to optimize your photography website for conversions.

Turn your website visitors into loyal customers with these conversion best practices from professional photographer and digital marketer Jen Kiaba.

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Further Reading

What we’ve been reading this month from around the web.

Why User Experience Is becoming more Important in SEO
As search engines continue to update their algorithms and become more human-centred, the boundaries of traditional SEO continue to blur. Emily Gorman from content marketing agency Foundation explores the connection between SEO and user experience.

Featured Snippets: What to know & how to target
Britney Muller shares the results of the latest Moz research into featured snippet trends and data, plus some fantastic tips and tricks for winning your own.

How to curate sitelinks to increase conversions
Conversion optimization starts before visitors get your site, especially for mobile searchers. Derek Gleason from ConversionXL shows us how to manage sitelinks to increase conversions.

10 ways to use exit-intent popups to improve UX
Kim Flaherty of Nielsen Norman Group shows us how exit-intent popups can provide a good customer experience and offer benefits to users who are about to leave a website.

The photographer’s complete guide to Pinterest marketing
Jen Kiaba shows how this visual search engine and social network can be leveraged to drive awareness, traffic, and sales or bookings to your photography website.




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  2. SEO is getting harder because Google is trying to shift towards voice recognition search and is jeopardizing the whole idea behind the good old search

  3. I just Started a new site and I was able to still rank. SEO is getting difficult though, but for those who know their ways, they can still make fortune.

  4. SEO is really getting harder. But smart webmasters will have to find their ways around it. Thanks for sharing

  5. I found this blog from Bing and it nice to read. However, Google and their employees can kill your whole website and business overnight. Something must be done to drastically limit their monopoly and censorship.
    Google’s ultimate goal is a much smaller index comprising of 100% paying entities. It is strongly recommended to shut down Google services as GA and other services that gives Google insight about your site.

  6. Yes, it has become very difficult to get results and also to fight against competitors

  7. It is true that SEO is becoming more difficult but I guess that’s a positive thing for the one’s that really know what they are doing

  8. Great article you have here. Recently we have been having difficulties with SEO. It’s getting harder and harder to rank on search engines. There must be a way out on this.

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