StatCounter Update!


We’ve been working on some small-but-important improvements on StatCounter – check them out below.

Please keep all your suggestions and feature requests coming. There’s nothing we like better than hearing your ideas and then putting them into action.

So go on… let us know your ideas… and keep us on our toes!


Note: If you have a support issue, please contact us here. We’d be more than happy to help!

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76 Responses to StatCounter Update!

  1. 征途私服 says:

    Thanks for increasing the log size for the freebie accounts. The extra is a real help.

  2. jasmine says:

    you are awesome dude
    this helps me more
    thanks for sharing it


  3. thanks for providing such kind of sites.Its really helpful to all the


  4. Hello Kitty says:

    When will be the next update? 😉

  5. Franchise says:

    Yeah, I think a next update will be very soon.

  6. supreme666 says:

    I love the improvements you have made to the site. It’s takes much less time to load the recent visitor activity stats after the upgrade. Keep up the good work!

  7. Vectorpedia says:

    Great information………keep up the good work !

  8. Sorry but what do you mean about that? I cant understand really.

  9. dizi izle says:

    Thanks for Work, good achievement

  10. Good to see you hard at work.;)

  11. Dr.Stas says:

    good counter, I’m join!

  12. Mp3lover says:

    After register, I don’t take e-mail

  13. Baptista says:

    At this level is difficult to give now idias. Maybe to now here visitors are clicking on the site it will very helpful.
    Statcounter are logging clicks inside the site for other pages of the same site, not for other sites.

  14. Diseño Web says:

    Well done! Good to see you hard at work,
    Another client from Spain.

  15. Diseño Web says:

    Wow, statcounter is really getting some rave reviews. I’d better go and check it out for now. Thanks for featuring it on your blog! From Spain Excellent!!

  16. Payday Advance says:

    In reference to StatCounter Update! by all means is fine material for your visitors to cherish. My gratitude for such superior illumination!

  17. Krystal says:

    The statcounter service is amazing and i am pround to be involved in it. Keep up the great work, and amazing service.


  18. service says:

    Statcounter is the best.

  19. Vectorpedia says:

    Your download program is a fantastic tracking system and the best on the internet…….great stuff

  20. had says:

    is there any chance to increase log size to 1000?

  21. jix says:

    this is one of the best goodluck!

  22. Outstanding progress guys. Keep it up.

  23. I would ask for a feature that tracks individual goals from a page.

  24. No cat, no hidden fee,…. I think Statcounter is the best counter.

    Could you pls let me set default unicode utf-8 in keyword function.

  25. Anirban says:

    Just to remind, even a small improvement can change things. Really nice to see Statcounter is never idle and bringing us the best things.

  26. Diseño Web says:

    I just install Stat Counter in my client’ Sites. Let me see how work 🙂