Beta Update!

Hi all,

Firstly we want to thank all of you for your help so far with the new SC4 beta project – your feedback is invaluable and we are so grateful for the time you take to help us out. πŸ™‚


Work continues on the beta project and we wanted to update you on progress:

  • Reliability and accuracy
  • We’re very pleased to let you know that we have been ironing out various bugs and other issues which were causing some trouble initially…the “new” StatCounter numbers should now be recording the same (or more!) hits than the “old” system. (The new system is even more fast-loading than our current system – this enables us to give you information even on visitors who drop by your site for the shortest time.)

  • Exit Links on the Magnify Page
  • Exits links have now been added to the “magnify” page – this allows you to see where individual visitors went when they left your site. (IP Blocking for the exit links has also been enabled!)

    In addition to the above, we’ve been working on new features and improvements and we’ll be in touch about these as they are released.

    Please continue to keep us posted with your views, thoughts and ideas about the beta – you can post here in the blog or you can register for our forum and post your feedback there.

    Thanks again for all the help so far folks – please keep it up!!


    The men (& women!) hard at work at StatCounter πŸ˜‰

    PS: You can still sign up for the beta project here!

    PPS: Good luck to any women proposing today, given the day that’s in it!


    1. Another update!
      Internet Explorer 8, beta 1 is showing up as Default Browser, the same thing happens with the iPhone/iPod Touch Safaris broswer
      please fix
      along with resolution 1400×900 showing up as unknown

    2. Yes this software is truly the best!!

      Salutes you!

    3. Statcounter is a great product with cool features & it’s good to see you’re continuing to develop more, but I also notice that the beta has very different counts to the old version. Not sure which one to trust but the beta seems to miss a lot of hits the old version counts. Will this be fixed soon?

    4. I’ve got the same issue as Steven with screen resolution of 1440Γ—900 showing unknown resolution in statcounter.

    5. Sometimes the beta script doesn’t work on my site and only shows zero, even after I refresh the pages myself.

    6. The men (& women!) hard at work at StatCounter said: “the β€œnew” StatCounter numbers should now be recording the same (or more!) hits than the β€œold” system”

      In the last few days before the announcement it was true but since March 1st and at the time I’m writing this, old code recorded 99 hits and SC4 only 49. Wrong timing for that blog update! πŸ˜‰

      Otherwise I’m satisfied with the free product and I think from 100 to 500 logs was a generous move for all free users and I don’t ask for more. You guessed with the numbers above that it’s only a personnal webpage with a small number of visits each day.

    7. Great news…. great service u offer here…
      Maybe you can increase the log size… for free users…it’s a must
      On the other way, there are enough services u offer to free users…but as we all can say… if you offer us a finger…we want all hand πŸ™‚
      keep up the good work

    8. Thanks for adding the exit links to the magnify page……..thats a great option……..good work guys !

    9. Based on my raw logs, looking only at unique views where there is a direct entry to the index page (not referrals), both the old and new versions consistently miss some foreign IP’s and one of my frequent local users. Is StatCounter finding something missing on the log entry? What could it be?

    10. The updates are awesome but I have noticed load time increasing for statcounter – any reason for that? salutes you on all your great FREE work for the little guys who need to monitor stats as well!

      The beta projects numbers have also been alot different than the original project – any ideas?

    11. Simple and Great Websites. my suggestion please increase log size for free users.

      Thanks for good service.

    12. I have a screen resolution of 1440×900 and with the statcounter system, my hits come up with an unknown resolution….PLEASE FIX

    13. EXIT links data really adds another dimension to stats – it is amazing that it took so long for the idea to be realized by the stats community πŸ˜€

      Interestingly, only client side stats can provide this data – not server-side.

      One minor problem: the Statcounter data is counting quick revisits when the setting is on unique visitors. Comparing the Statcounter to the other trackers on a popular site – Statcounter is showing many more revisits by the same visitors within spans of a few minutes (thus taking space and quota up)


      Are there any developments in AJAX stats analytics?
      Of course this is far different from analyzing static pages – but if would be awesome to get the ability to analyze the times that an area of the page was refreshed using AJAX – since it does not count as a full page view but as an interaction

    14. Woah, I know the ability to see exit links on the magnify page will help me quite a bit!

      Thanks, good work as usual!

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