Stout Performance by FF3

According to analysis conducted by us here at StatCounter, the Mozilla Firefox Guinness Book of Records attempt has been a major success in encouraging users to download Firefox 3.

Usage of Firefox 3 more than doubled between June 16th and 18th from 7.8% to 18.9%. Trend graphs are available here.

“The Firefox folks have certainly earned themselves a pint of Guinness,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. “This is a major success in encouraging users to upgrade in a short period.”

We also found that the Guinness promotion seems to be having a generally positive effect on Firefox market share. The overall Firefox share of the browser market increased from 34.9% to 36% over the two day period while Internet Explorer fell slightly from 56.3% to 55.4%.

The StatCounter analysis was based on a sample of 55 million page views globally including 20 million US page views.

49 comments on “Stout Performance by FF3

  1. i have a little problems with it and i ve heard that it was released because a day ago was released opera and the clients were stolen:d

  2. I just downloaded FF3 the other day. I guess i heard about it a little late. But I have to agree that it has some pretty sweet features that 2 didn’t have.

    Love it!

  3. Rodnei U may compare between IE 7 or IE 8 beta 1 and between Firefox 3 their is still a lot of difference between memory usage or which we call memory leakage

  4. Ankur says: “just try to open some tabs around 5 or 6 and see the memory usage in the task manager”

    Download Fx3 and compare 🙂

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