RESOLVED:Server Trouble


In case any of you are stopping by the blog to find out what’s going on, I’m just writing this quick post.

Yes – we are experiencing some server trouble and I sincerely apologise for this.

You can follow the thread in our Service Status forum:

Please be assured that we are working to return full service ASAP.

UPDATE: We’re back up folks – full explanation will be posted in Service Status forum shortly. Apologies again.


  1. Hope this problem will not cause any problem in the long term, I used to change to use Google analytic but I change back to statcounter cause I familiar with your service more.

  2. Esta herramienta se ve bastante interesante, no la conocia pero creo que la probare, felicidades

  3. A great free service like statcounter is bound to experience some minor hiccups now and then given the amount of traffic handled.

    Great to see you guys resolved it so fast =)

    Christian Affirmations

  4. TQ very much to statcounter team.
    your products is really superb!
    i’v recommended statcounter to all my webmaster friends 🙂

  5. very honest explanation in the forum.
    Not all the service provider will admit their fault.
    Great work! keep it up!

  6. Great, I like the new Beta design too. I look forward to starting some new projects.

  7. As of today, I’m getting a database error message that prevents me from entering my stats page.
    Could you let us know what’s going on?
    Best regards

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