Google Keyword Problem

Have you noticed “Keywords Unavailable” in your StatCounter reports?

Unfortunately, this is due to a decision by Google to withhold this keyword information.

Since 2011 Google has been steadily expanding its policy of withholding keyword data for organic search. This means that website owners and professionals have limited access to the keywords used to find their sites. While we at StatCounter can’t undo what Google has done, we have added a new feature to our service to maximize and streamline access to available keyword data.

We have integrated Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) keyword data into our reporting. This means that you, our members, can have efficient, streamlined access to all available keyword data.

You can read more about it in our press release here.

How to link your StatCounter account with GWT

To integrate your GWT data into your StatCounter account, here is what you need to do:

  • Log in to your StatCounter account
  • Click the “Wrench Icon” beside your project name.
  • gwt-wrench3

  • Click “Import GWT Data”.
  • import-gwt

  • Finally, follow the steps outlined on the page to link StatCounter with your GWT account.
  • import-gwt-page2

New Keyword Analysis Options

After you have completed the steps above, the Keyword Analysis Stat will now have 4 new options as outlined below:


1. StatCounter Only

This is the usual Keyword Analysis stat.


2. Google Webmaster

This shows the GWT keyword data only. Note that the stats are presented in the familar StatCounter style.

3. Comparison

This shows the GWT keyword data alongside the StatCounter data. You can look at each keyword and compare direct StatCounter data with indirect data collected from GWT.

4. Merged

The ‘Merged’ option includes the standard StatCounter data but redistributes the Google portion of the ‘Keywords Unavailable’ data according to the spread of keywords in the Google Webmaster Tools dataset.


Email reports will automatically include this merged data.

New Stat: GWT Data

Finally there is an entirely new stat called GWT Data which is based solely on the GWT keyword data. It shows you the clicks, impressions and positions of your keywords.


You can click the drill down link beside each result to see how individual keywords have performed over time. See a sample graph below.


We hope this new addition to your stats is useful. Please share your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions below.

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196 Responses to Google Keyword Problem

  1. Noor says:

    This is the best feature of Statcounter. Thanks a lot for it.

    I got all the keywords now. And its awesome to see all in one place.

    Thanks again.

    • Jasadotseo says:

      True what you say, now StatCounter become better. And of course very powerful in displaying web statistics.

    • I’ve done this with all my websites and I do not get any new appreciable information from it. In fact in Search-Engine Wars it only shows Bing and Yahoo. Its been a waste of time so far.

      • admin says:

        Hi Patrick,

        Google will show up in seach engine wars without linking your StatCounter account to your GWT account. If is to get all the keyword information that is necessary to link your account. If you would like to send a ticket into support we’d be happy to investigate this for you.

  2. kris says:

    Thank you very much for sharing very nice ideas to us. It will allow us to check what is the best keyword that creates a organic traffic.

    All the Best,


  3. Great news, I will be able to make many more adjustments and double the traffic to my blog thanks to Statcounter’s new feature.

  4. ThinkEnovat says:

    Hi, I have implemented this feature – its awesome – thanks statcounter – I can see all my data in one place – coolest – thanks so much!

  5. Jonny Dollar says:

    Got this implemented today. Was amazed how easily you folks at Statcounter made the integration of this. Could represent a huge improvement in reporting stats. Thank you!

  6. mac says:

    I followed the instruction to import GWT, got a message says “import failed”.
    Don’t understand why.

  7. Mario says:

    With this, Statcounter is now even better than before, thanks.

  8. Admin says:

    Just included Stats code waiting to see the magic for stats counter.

  9. that’s not work for me (Keywords Unavailable) stay in board

  10. This is wonderful information! Thank you for posting this as it will help me significantly with creating better websites for my clients. I have been at a loss for quite a while now with regards to using the right keywords in the websites I design.

  11. برامج says:

    it’a a greate work thanks statcounter

  12. kanks says:

    Statcounter is now even better than before, thanks

  13. sahil says:

    Thanks For Sharing This Informative Article on Keywords

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  17. ipsw says:

    I used this feature on my site.

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    Thanks !

  20. Thanks Stat Counter for adding such a great feature.

  21. iosmaster says:

    it’a a greate work thanks statcounter

  22. Amar says:

    I really love this new feature. Thank you statcounter.

  23. Great Kohli says:

    How can we access the google keywords on the important searches???
    GWT is the good way to check the better result of your site

  24. Marco says:

    Muito Bom!!

    Obrigado Statcounter!!

  25. Thank you!! So awesome!

  26. Jim says:

    Another Google monopoly?

  27. magmediaguru says:

    This will really help to find suitable keywords thank you stat counter.

  28. Athlons says:

    Thank you for this feature. I have already done as your advise, it is very useful!

  29. Great Kohli says:

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  30. Klaus says:

    Thank’s a lot for this option and for your job.

  31. vella di says:

    Thanks for sharing informative article about Google Keyword. These keyword really helpful for me and other also too. I like Statcounter new feature. It’s very useful to increase your traffic.
    Thanks for sharing valuable post with us.

  32. Gina L. says:

    Repeated “import failed” message, despite checking multiple times to ensure steps were followed.

  33. Vaping Cheap says:

    At first I thought this would be difficult to implement but after giving it a shot, it is actually quite easy. I love being able to see my keyword data in statcounter!