SC4 Conversion!

Thank you one and all for your invaluable help and feedback as we developed, tested and improved the new SC4 system!

We are delighted to let you know that conversion to the new system will begin this weekend…

What’s new in SC4?

  • Exit link tracking – to allow you track the destinations of visitors leaving your site
  • Download stats – to allow you track stats for pdf and other files available on your site
  • Faster-loading country stats
  • Improved reliability and redundancy
  • Improved loading speed of StatCounter code
  • Greater technical flexibility to allow for continued system improvements

Do StatCounter members need to do anything?
No! Our tech team will be doing all the work so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Other information
Partition 3 (c4) will be the first partition to be converted. Conversion will take place this weekend when traffic is generally lower and is expected to take a number of hours.

During conversion, stats will continue to be recorded BUT access to stats will NOT be available. Full access will be restored asap and we will keep you updated on progress in the service status forum.

Please note that if any unexpected problems are encountered during the conversion process, the partition will be returned to the current system to limit the disruption to members. Another conversion attempt will then be made at a later date.

New Projects Created

Note that all new StatCounter projects created from this point, will automatically be created as SC4 projects.

Please feel free to post below!

85 comments on “SC4 Conversion!

  1. The Prynce: thanks for your answer. Now that I´ve thought a little further I realised you´re right… I must have figured it out that it´s pretty obvious that Statcounter can´t “read your mind” 😉 as I naively thought or expected (I would love to know how many time people spend in my page). But then, which is the difference between the new feature and the old one? (there´s always been an “exit link page” or something like that; I know it just says which is the last page visited, but I always found it almost useless, as knowing which link someone clicked, as ALWAYS, when you click a link that´s not leading to another place in your page means you´re exiting…)



  2. Awesome! I LOVE you guys! StatCounter is the BEST free product on the web. I can only imagine how awesome the pay version is, lol.

    Juan – Exit Link Tracking means that you can see where the people from your site are going in leaving your site. Like for my site ( if one person clicks on a link for and goes to there from my site, it’ll tell me that.

    Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think it works on pages that aren’t linked?

    -=The Prynce

  3. Does “Exit link tracking” mean we can now know how many time a visitor has been on our home page in the case he doesn’t click any link? (a blog’s usual issue)

    Thanks for your great job! Keep it up!


  4. Hooray!

    So this means too we can delete any extra codes we had implemented for the beta?

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

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