StatCounter Beta Design – what’s new?


We recently announced the public launch of the new StatCounter site which is currently undergoing beta testing.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback so far!

To assist with beta testing, we’d like to point out some of the new features which you may find useful…

(1) Visits/Pageloads Option

Easily switch between viewing pageloads and visits on the Projects page.

(2) Switch Projects

Quickly flip between projects when viewing your stats – just click the drop-down arrow beside your project name.

(3) Hourly Stats

Watch the hour-by-hour evolution of your stats.

(4) Date Range Selector

Available for all stats – just click “narrow range”. Choose your preferred date range and check the stats only for that period. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual options.

You can also compare different periods if you wish – just click “Add Comparison Period

(5) Keyword Analysis – Options

As for all stats, switch between projects when viewing Keyword Analysis.

Or change the time period being examined by clicking “narrow range”.

Or download a file of all your keywords.

(6) Wrap URLS

Check/uncheck the box to truncate and expand very long URLs.

(7) Search Engines

View the families of Search Engines sending traffic to your site.

Click on a Search Engine family to see a breakdown of the regional search engines sending traffic your way. E.g. Google breaks down to,, etc

(8) Browsers

View the families of Browsers being used by the visitors to your site.

Click on a Browser family to see a breakdown of the different browser versions. E.g. Firefox breaks down to versions 4.0, 3.6, 3.5 etc

(9) Simplified Reinstall Process

Need to reinstall your StatCounter code? No problem! Simply go to “Config” then “Reinstall Code” – we’ve even created a nifty tool which will confirm if the installation has been successful – just click the button “Check Installation“.

Please keep all your feedback coming! The single best way to comment on the new site design is via the feedback button at

If you DON’T like something in the new design, then please DO tell us!

We can only improve with the help of your constructive criticism – so don’t give up on us! Please stick with us and let us know your thoughts as the design evolves in response to your comments and suggestions.

PS: As usual at this time of year, StatCounter has made charitable donations instead of sending cards.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the very best to you all for 2011.


  1. Good work / a tool that does what it says it will do and very fast every body should use stats,keep up the good work and have a very busy happy new year from all the staff at crystal images photographers.

  2. Would love to be able to sort columns in the view where you see all your projects… Would allow us to easily see our top sites in many aspects. Been wanting this for awhile now.

  3. I like the new stuff, but can’t see most of it. Light grey text works for the under 35 set, but at about 40, it starts looking like ants marching lines on monitor instead of readable text.

    I hope you’ll include a way to resize text, and an alternate CSS for black text? If you do that, you can include a CSS for the popular light on dark backgound too, it might appeal to your younger users.


  4. Great Great Great – getting better and better! Thx for this very important tool!

  5. I am excited to see the new features added in my account. When exactly these features will be available publicly.

  6. Wow the new Statcounter is looking awesome. Specially the hourly feature. I am waiting for the new statcounter design to check its features.

  7. Thank you, thank you, THANK you for making the keyword analysis files downloadable into an Excel sheet. That feature alone is worth the whole deal.

  8. Sir,
    I see that you were not very pleased with critical comments on the new beta version which were posted in December 2010 as you have deleted these.
    Hope that Statcounter will keep its visual strength.
    Best of luck.
    Rudolf (a conservative user).

    1. Hi Rudolf,

      We are delighted to receive ALL feedback – good AND bad. We certainly didn’t delete your comments – you posted them on our previous blog post here.

  9. Statcounter seems to be effective in estimating website performance. I think of using it for my website.

  10. seems pretty impressive to me…i will give it a try for my website…

    keep inventing..

  11. Maybe the answer to my question is somewhere else and I couldn’t locate it, but here it goes:

    As an intensive and long time user of previous versions since 2007, would I lose all the previous statistics if I upgrade to this new beta version, or to the definitive one when it is completed…?

    Great job… Saludos

  12. i really LOVE the ‘wrap long urls’ command. For me, i just don’t understand why certain people complaint about something been done for their own good?…there certainly must be a reason why ST team make those urls ‘wrapped’ – and to me; it’s cool. Nice.

  13. I have tested it’s current beta version, Looks good. A great change from classic look. We are waiting for it’s public launch to enjoy more on the service.

  14. For rena above…..Just a random thought – could the difference possibly be due to the number of log entries you have? If you only have a log of up to 500 allowed (as in the free version) then perhaps this could be accounting for some differences….also are you referring to total hits or unique vistors in your reports, and what number shows on your counter?

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