Mobile and tablet now gets more usage than desktop

Mobile and tablet usage across the StatCounter network has exceed desktop usage for the first time in October. We issued a release about this on our Global Stats site this morning.

It has never been more important to check and make sure your website is mobile friendly. Google released a tool to do that here.

To see the breakdown of desktop vs mobile and tablet usage for your own website simply click “Browsers” and then “Platforms” from the left stats menu. Here is an example of how it looks:


154 comments on “Mobile and tablet now gets more usage than desktop

  1. In above post my Friend and colleague are telling Both Mobile and Desktop are similar
    its true only for youngster but desktop is required for Business or in company:)

  2. mobiles and tablets are portable and easy to use but some heavy task will not done by both .so, we need to more improve technology in this field.

    and desktop is use for codding and debugging etc..
    in my opinion mobiles are portable but for limited time

    we need both mobiles and desktop in daily use

      1. That depends of the niche too. For example if you have a website about I don’t know, taxi companies reviews or something taxi related is more probable that you’ll have a high percentage of mobile visits.

        If your blog is about seo or maybe some programming tutorials, guess what? 🙂

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