Redesigned with you in mind, a clearer and easier to use Statcounter.

It’s our mission to make Statcounter the most useful, engaging and easy to use analytics app for our members. This update is just one of many improvements we have lined up to help make it easy for you to understand your visitors and make the most informed decisions about your website.


Clarity and ease-of-use.

While there are some new features and functional improvements in this update, the most substantial changes are to the look and feel of the Statcounter user interface. Redesigned from the ground up, we’ve placed priority on clarity and ease-of-use by improving the layout, typography, colours, icons, spacing and visual hierarchy.


See the wood for the trees.

New headline stats show you important summary information at a glance.

Compare and contrast.

A refreshed projects page makes it easier for you to compare trends across your projects.

Take a shortcut.

A redesigned date-range picker with shortcut buttons makes filtering reports by date quicker and easier.

Jump and zoom.

New jump and zoom controls on the summary chart make it easier than ever to navigate backwards and forwards in time and zoom in and out for different levels of granularity.

Be flexible.

You can now hide the left navigation menu when you need some extra space for your stats. This can be particularly useful for viewing reports that contain long URLs.

Be Vibrant.

Last but by no means least, we’re excited to show you our new logo. A vibrant new look to the future, with a nod to the past.

Watch this space for further improvements in the coming months and if you have any feedback, please feel free to let us know in the comments below or use the Feedback Tab in Statcounter.


  1. I don’t know, I think I preferred the old design, not sure why it needed to be changed were there complaints. This new design is taking some getting used to. Some things seem not to be there any more, unless they are well hidden – for example “Recent Came From” It’s not obvious that you can click on the panel to reveal the new menus, I found it all by trial and error. Jury is still our but I am not feeling it so far…

  2. I installed a free copy of STAT-COUNTER on my web page for a 501c Irish Group. All I needed was the number of people hitting our web page, the Stats provided gave me everything I wanted.
    Then it appears to have suddenly stopped working. Pity, I found it useful. when people told me they didn’t get our newsletter or “Obit” notices.

  3. The new site looks beautiful, but one thing I’d rather see different.
    Just leave the recent activity menu open, that’s perfect for me!

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  5. I don’t like anything about the new design. I gave it a good try (during the weeks between the initial roll-out until today, when I realized that I could change my settings back to the original design… DONE!)

    I don’t have any complaints about the original design. I don’t fear change, in general, but this change sucks. And it seems so pointless. Please knock it off.



  6. I don’t like the look and feel of the new design at all. I prefer the old design. Why did you change it? Were there any complaints about the old design?

  7. I am not a paying customer, but I would be willing to pay to keep the old layout. Change the logo if you have too. I really don’t like the new look, the last upgrade 2013? was great. I have been using since 2003, I would hate to see it go down like this. Please reconsider. Daniel

  8. As I don’t consider the existing design broken I wonder why you felt the need to fix it? The new design seems a triumph of style over substance which may attract some new free users but I would be very surprised if most long-term, paying customers will think it any improvement.

    For some reasons my previous comment was deleted. It will be interesting to see if you delete this one too! Though why you should want to do that when you have specifically asked for feedback escapes me, especially as I am happy to continue to pay for the service you provide…

  9. I tend to agree with ‘makingmark’ and David Gates. Whilst the effort that the SC team have put into this makeover (I use the word deliberately) is appreciated, it does not make up for the many issues with the site. Speed is one, but there are many others I have neither the time nor the inclination to list. But one that does irritate me intensely and somewhat defeats the purpose of gathering stats at all, are the contradictory results which are often displayed.

    i.e. One knows a visitor has contacted a site as one has received their email. But when one checks the ‘popular pages’ stat to see whether a hit has been recorded on the site’s contact page for that time, there is no record. If one then loads up ‘recent pageload activity’ there is a record.

    Another example are visits from users with identical IP’s not being aggregated toegther in the ‘visitor paths’ stats.

    These are only two annoying anomalies out of many more which no amount of new and shiny ‘eye candy’ can compensate for.

    I don’t use GA, so SC is my only analysis tool. Having said that, experience has taught me to treat all analytics software with a large pinch of salt, it is a guide, and nothing more than a guide. And in that regard SC is probably better than GA, which is why I will continue to use it, regardless of what the interface looks like or the various issues such usage poses. So you may take that as qualified compliment!

    1. Hi Polly,

      That’s very strange how your popular pages didn’t increase. We’ve never had a report like that before. If it happens again click the “feedback” button on the page to let us know.

      The visitor paths page has been improved for some members to separate visitors based on a cookie instead of an ip address. If this isn’t working well for you, we can revert to using an IP address for your project. Get in touch about that.

      Let us know about any other issues you experience.

  10. My feedback via the site rather than this blog post was that I was very surprised you spent time improving the design rather than addressing the major failing of Statcounter which is the very slow delivery of screens for sites which have a lot of traffic.

    It’s one of the reasons as a paying customer that I downgraded the size of my allowance recently and why I now use GA much more than Statcounter which has become very much a back-up alternative perspective site rather than my main “got to” stats site. Purely due to the amount of time I waste sitting waiting for screens to load…….

  11. After reading many of the comments here, it seems that the positive reports are people spamming this thread with links to their site in their name. I would take the criticism on board, because I don’t like the redesign either, it doesn’t really affect me as I use Statcounter as a backup, for many sites.

  12. I see that the Interface is going to be upgraded, not a fan of it. I have a blog and I think it sux too y’all. I have only be using for a month I don’t have much to loose, going back to g analytics.

  13. Our company has used the site for some 15 years, this the first time there has been an upgrade that we believe is not necessary, this may be appealing to people that run little blogs etc. but as a paying customer with a large corporate website, this is not a change we can support. If statcounter says they are listening, I would have it a guess that it isn’t large scale customers, because we use it because of how it hasn’t change much over the years. Now we have to migrate to other statistical software, and customised to look the old interface. I hope whoever’s idea it was to change it is cross examined. The new logo looks good we’ll give you that. All the best.

    1. Hi Jake,

      Get in touch and let us know your issues with the new design.

      I’m glad you like the new logo!

  14. I completely agree that this version is the better of the last in terms of design. design is a very important factor these days, as shown by the recent trends in style and fashion.

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