Introducing Visitor Activity Alerts

Visitor Activity Alerts let you set notifications for when individual visitors are looking at your website so you never have to miss an important visitor again. Here’s a little insight into how Visitor Labels evolved to include our newest feature.


Visitor Labels are a great way of adding supplementary text content to any visitor on the Visitor Paths, Page View Activity and Visitor Activity reports in Statcounter. Earlier this year, we had some interesting discussions with Statcounter members who make use of the Labels feature to track individual visitors. It’s a popular feature – especially for businesses – and while we could see that people were using it to add information about visitors, by digging a little deeper and looking at core motivations, we got to uncover some of the underlying reasons for using Labels. Some of the common uses include:

  • To see when a customer or client visits my website so I can know the best time to follow up with a phone call or email.
  • To see when a prospective employer visits my website so I know they’ve considered my resume.
  • To highlight visitors engaging in click fraud so I can report to advertising platforms such as Google Adwords.
  • To flag nuisance visitors and spammers.

While labels are useful for these use cases and many others, finding visits from previously labelled visitors did involve actively scanning through activity reports and using filters to highlight labelled visitors.

We thought, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to go searching for these visitors? Wouldn’t it be better if this information came to you instead? Visitor Activity Alerts to the rescue!

Now, when you add a label to a visitor, you can additionally set an alert for that visitor to get notified each time they visit your website. Advanced controls also let you include alerts from all visitors from the visitor’s ISP or a subnet of their IP address.

The alert bell icon to the left of your project title shows you when you have new alerts. From there you can decide to View detailed information about that visitor including the navigation path they took through your website. Since Visitor Activity Alerts are recurring, the option to Cancel the alert appears here too.

We also notify you by email and if you have the Statcounter app installed on your mobile device, a push notification will also notify you of the visit. You can switch off alerts to email and mobile devices in your Alert Settings.

Some early feedback on Visitor Activity Alerts

The feedback so far has been extremely positive and Visitor Activity Alerts are now available with all upgraded accounts. We are also currently offering a free 30 day upgrade trial so you can try Visitor Activity Alerts and all the other features of an upgraded account. Visit for more details and let us know how you are using Visitor Activity Alerts in the comments.



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