Statcounter feature survey & the essential guide to landing pages for photographers.

Statcounter feature survey & the essential guide to landing pages for photographers.

We have a slightly different format for our August newsletter. We’d like to ask you a small favour if you have a minute. Our roadmap has always been driven by the needs of our members. This month we’re looking for your input on the feature you’d find the most useful in Statcounter.

See details of six features below and a link to the poll at the end where you can cast your vote.

And for the photographers, our latest Exposure guide, The Essential Guide to Landing Pages for Photographers, shows you how to create landing pages that generate high quality leads for your photography business.

Which feature would you find the most useful?

1. Visitor Recordings

Visitor Recordings

Watch screen recordings of individual visitors navigating and interacting with your website. Recordings can span multiple pages and show you every mouse movement, click, tap, scroll and any pauses inbetween. See where your visitors are running into difficulty and where you can make improvements to design, navigation and content.

2. Heatmaps


Record aggegrate data of your visitor’s mouse movements, clicks, taps, and scroll movements in visual form. See which sections of your web pages get the most attention from your visitors. Learn from your visitor’s behavior what’s popular, what works and what doesn’t.

3. Form Analytics

Form Analytics

See how your web forms are performing and optimize them for maximum conversions. See the percentage dropoff for each form field and find out why and when visitors are abandoning your forms.

4. Automatic Labeling

Automatic Labeling

When a visitor fills out a contact form or lead capture form on your website, see their name automatically appear as a label in your recent activity feeds so you can immediately identify them in Statcounter and track their behavior.

5. Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

Set visitor goals such as submitting a form, clicking a link or button and see the percentage of visitors who convert.

6. Automatic IP Blocking

Automatic IP Blocking

Have Statcounter detect fraudulent clicks on your Google Ads from competitors and click farms and automatically block their IP addresses in Google Ads.

Thanks for exploring these feature suggestions with us. We’d love to get your feedback on which feature you’d find most useful in Statcounter.

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The essential guide to landing pages for photographers.

Learn how to create landing pages that generate high quality leads for your photography business.

View Guide


  1. This is the best information I have read on this topic. I am a photographer and currently looking for ways to market my products online. I just this product will help me achieve my dream. The features of the landing page look great. I will definitely try it out.

  2. This is a great tool for photographers. It has great features from what I have read online. I am a photographer and I will like to test the functionality of this tool on my photo store. Hope this will work for me.

  3. This is a great feature addition, I would say. I have used StatCounter for sometimes now and I would say, its a great tool. I will definitely try out this feature before I cast my vote on it.

  4. Thank you, Jonathan, for this great resources. I am a photographer and I found this information very useful. I will surely try this out. Thanks for sharing

  5. Automatic IP Blocking and broad statistics on visitors. Although there are ready decisions for this still it would be good to have all in one place. What about security by the way?

    1. Hi Corey, could you elaborate on these two?
      – broad statistics on visitors
      – security

      You could either respond here or to jonathan [at] statcounter [dot] com


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