Calling all Volunteers!!

Hi Folks,

New StatCounter System – In Beta

We have been working on the new and improved StatCounter SC4 system…now we need your help to test it.

A lot of changes have been made ‘under the hood’ and won’t be immediately apparent; however some of the immediate benefits include:

  • Faster Loading Keyword and Country Stats
  • Exit Link Stats
  • Download Stats

Testing… Testing… 123…

MOST importantly the new system paves the way for other exciting new features … so watch this space!

How do I try out SC4?

It’s easy!

You need to create a new test project. This code should be added underneath your existing StatCounter code.

Note that you should retain your existing StatCounter code for now… Once the new system is fully operational we’ll convert all projects over to SC4 automatically.

To get started:

  • Login to StatCounter with the “remember me” option
  • Point your browser at this URL
  • If successful the form should now read “BETA TEST SC4 PROJECT SETTINGS” then proceed as normal to install this new code below your current code.

(Note that if you logout and login again you will be directed back to the current StatCounter system.)

Thanks for your help with this – and we’d be delighted to have your feedback posted to the comments of this blog post.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the feedback so far. As the comments are getting a bit crowded we’ve created a new forum for you to discuss your ideas. Please click here to get talking about SC4! (Note: you need to register a forum account in order to post.)

Let the testing begin!

StatCounter Team


  1. Hace mucho tiempo que uso su servicio y no me ha decepcionado nunca, entonces cuenten con mi ayuda.


    I’d been using your service for a long time, and never disappoint me, so count me in.

    Greetings from Argentina

  2. The exit link feature is a great thing.

    I agree that it would be wonderful if we could see the exit link in “drill down for a visitor” when you check the visitor paths for example.

  3. So the exit links are not working 100% and the search engine results are WAY off. What else should I be looking at thats new?

  4. Glad to be trying out new changes with statcounter. Always like to see “new and improved” 🙂

    Chuck from

  5. I’ve translated tthe instructions in french

    Appel à volontaires

    Salut la compagnie,

    Nouvelle version de statcounter en beta.

    Nous étions en train de travailler sur une nouvelle version améliorée de Statcounter SC4. Maintenant nous avons besoin de vous pour la tester.

    Beaucoup de modification ont été faite à l’abri des regards et ne seront pas apparents immédiatement. Malgré tout les améliorations immédiates incluent: temps de réponses meilleur pour le chargement des statistiques sur les mot-clés et les pays, des statistiques sur les liens de sortie, des statistiques sur les téléchargements.

    Le plus important est que le nouveau système pose la pierre pour de nouvelles fonctionnalités très intéressantes. Faites-y un tour !

    Comment puis-je essayer SC4

    C’est enfantin !

    Vous avez besoin de créer un nouveau projet test. Vous devrez alors ajouter le code en-dessous de votre code actuel dans vos pages.

    Conservez votre code actuel pour le moment. Une fois que le nouveau système sera complètement opérationnel nous convertirons tous les projets en SC4 automatiquement.

    Pour démarrer:

    * Connectez vous à statcounter avec l’option “remember me”
    * Allez à l’adresse suivante
    * Vous serez alors dans un formulaire pour construire le code à ajouter à vos pages. Une fois le code généré, collez-le dans vos pages.

    Remarque: si vous vous déloguez et que vous vous reconnectez, vous reviendrez au système actuel de Statcounter.

    Merci de votre aide et nous serons ravis d’avoir votre retour en commentaires sur ce blog.

    Que les test débutent !

    Equipe statcounter

  6. I am beta testing.

    I have noticed 1 problem already – the “block IP address” is not working in beta. I added my current IP, but beta is counting me each time.

  7. Looked interesting, so I signed up, and put the Beta code in a separate “space” on the bottom of some of my pages.

    Visitor Map says I’m in Texas…

    I noticed, while configuring my counter, that the example counter wasn’t showing up…

  8. Exit links will make statcounter number one in my book. will this be available in the free version or are we demoing paid version features? We will give this a go for a few days and post a review @ . we have used many different programs but have always came back to statcounter!

    we are really feeling these improvements!


  9. we added &guest=1 to the end of the url and it seems to work for visitors:

  10. Will test it and give the most accurate feedback. Good luck, you are doing a great job

  11. hi we configured the beta counter [invisible] + [public] stats with plans to post the beta statcounter url link in our sidebar styled “statcounter beta’ for visitors to click on and see the new beta features. (we have our regular statcounter configured the same way) however, the url is not allowing visitors to see the stats – visitors are seeing the ‘not logged on’ prompt instead.

  12. Love the Exit Link feature — I’ve always wondered whether anyone was bothering to click through all the hyperlinks I embed in my blog posts.

    A few items that need to be tweaked:

    * The IP Blocking does not appear to be working properly when an IP range is entered using asterisks. (I entered the blocking range the exact same way it appears in a current SC3 project, where it continues to work successfully.)

    * “Search Engine Wars” link in left navbar appears to point to stats from existing project in SC3, rather than project tracked with SC4 beta code.

    Thanks for the nice work.

    P.S. Heads up, everyone — there appears to be a Chinese bot scanning this page for links.

  13. Interesting, just now under “recent came from” a visitor from this blog page was recorded in the OLD counter but not in the NEW one even though the code is right below. Otherwise, 19 came froms where recorded in the New one, with 21 recent came froms counted in the new one, for the same time frame.

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